Muzzle Repeat Alerts for Incoming Text Messages In The Messages App [iOS Tips]



It’s nice to know when you receive the latest urgent text message from your significant other, but seriously do you need a reminder after each one comes in after receiving the first alert? I don’t think so and you’ll agree if you are like me, since I receive a lot of text messages.

You can effectively muzzle that second alert notification for iMessage by performing the following steps:

Launch the Settings app.

Tap Notifications.

Tap Messages.

Tap Repeat Alert.

Tap Never.

Now you’ll never receive a duplicate alert for every future text message you receive in the Messages app. If you receive as many text messages a day as I do you’ll be glad that your incoming messages only alert you once and not twice by default.

  • Brandon Helton

    Doesn’t the Voicemail do the same thing and go off a second time? Is there a way to turn that off to because I know I never seen one.  Unless I just imagine hearing it again.

  • Wayne_Luke

    This isn’t an iOS 5 feature though. Was able to set this in iOS 4.X.

  • danygoel

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