AppleCare+ Can Now Be Purchased Within First 30 Days Of Getting A New iPhone



When Apple first announced the new $99 AppleCare+ program along with the iPhone 4S, there was a lot of confusion about it, largely because Apple required the coverage be purchased at the same time as the iPhone.

Luckily, Apple’s now cleared up its AppleCare+ policies. You now have 30 days to purchase AppleCare+ after you pick up a new iPhone.

What is AppleCare+? It replaces the previous $69 AppleCare for iPhone coverage that didn’t cover accidental coverage. With AppleCare+, you have coverage for up to two accidental breaks of your iPhone, each subject to a $49 service fee. For clumsy butterfingers like me, not a bad deal at all.

  • Joe Reece

    Waste of money. It costs $148 if you buy it and you happen to actually use it once. Versus $199 without it! So you save $51 IF you get it wet/shatter it. NOT WORTH IT. Unless you plan on dropping it at least twice which would be stupid of you.

  • mikeyw278

    More like you pay $499 for a replacement. No contract pricing for replacement

  • dale2582

    I guess brownlee or his friend can’t afford to spend that $99… That’s what happens when you write horrible articles

  • dale2582

    My last comment was for brownlees other article saying that apple care + was garbage… But it’s totally worth it… Whats so confusing about the new AppleCare? Brownlee please retire….just go back to gizmodo and post your garbage articles over there

  • nthnm

    Correct! Although in Canada a new 16gb iPhone 4 is $600+. Totally worth it – and I learned the hard way.