iChat Might Be Coming To iOS



Digging through the bowels of iOS 5.0.1, developer John Heaton found something neat: some code strings that strongly hint iChat functionality will be coming to iOS sometime more or less relativistically soon.

In the code seen above, various chat services like Jabber and AIM seem to have deep hooks in iOS 5. That implies Apple was at least testing iChat functionality in their mobile OS, even if they didn’t actually call it that.

Of course, iMessage is already sort of like iChat, just for people with iOS devices. It wouldn’t surprise me if eventually Apple tied iChat into iMessage on both the smartphone, tablet and desktop, allowing any Apple device user to contact any other Apple user instantly no matter where they are. How long it will take them to actualize that vision is another story, though.

[via TUAW]

  • Chris

    better find hints for imessage on the mac.

  • stressball

    My thoughts exaclty – wouldn’t it be easier/better to bring iMessage to the Mac, or integrate it with iChat?

  • MacHead84

    Really no sense in having iChat iMessage and Facetime all being separate applications. These absolutely need to be consolidated into a single application and run seamlessly on Apple devices. 

  • Raqqyi

    whateverrr….. Use Yahoo Messanger. on mac,Pc, mobile, can call, chat, video cam.

  • Raqqyi

    Also can buzz

  • Slowlycreepingdeath

    Excellent news. Unless they are using those hooks to amalgamate FaceTime and iChat freezing out those who run PowerPC based machines (why the apps need to be separate) fully functional iChat with audio and video would rock on iOS tho

  • MacGoo

    “Relativistically” eh? Not sure what the theory of relativity has to do with the price of tea in China… http://goo.gl/A97LK

  • Shameer Mulji

    I agree.  There’s 4 things I would love to see Apple do here.

    1.  Consolidate iChat, iMessage, Facetime into one app & just call it iChat (nice simple name).

    2.  Release API’s so that third-party messaging services such as Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, etc. can hook integrate the new consolidated app.

    3.  Release the new app for iDevices, Mac, & Windows so users among all devices can communicate with each other.

    4. Release a voice service within this new app (competitor to Google Voice) so that users can have the option to do voice chat, video chat, text messaging all within the new “iChat.”

  • bplano

    Same here. Rebrand it as a new “i” system or keep a single name and combine all of those services. 

  • MacHead84

    Yeah I cant really see any arguments not to do this, except possibly for the windows client part as a business strategy. But everything else is begging to happen.