This Sleek Metal Bluetooth Speaker Lets You Juice Your iPhone While You DJ



Sometimes you need to give your iPhone just a little bit more oomph. Maybe you need to output just a little more sound so you can DJ the impromptu breakdancing showdown that’s spontaneously popped up in your NYC subway car, or maybe you need to give your iPhone’s battery a jolt after being declared MTA Breakdancing Champion Of The Lower Boroughs And The Universe.

Either way, Spar’s Zephyr has got you covered. Think of it as a metallic JamBox with a lightning rod inside: a Bluetooth speaker and hands-free speakerphone, paired with an external battery that can juice up your iPhone in a pinch.

The Zephyr comes in three sizes. The Zephyr 300 is the smallest of the bunch and comes not in a sleek metal finish, but in colored plastic. The 500 is bigger yet, with a 12-hour battery life, and the 550 gets the metal finish and an incredible 28 hours of battery life.

These looks pretty great, although who the heck knows how they sound. The Zephyr should be available “soon” and cost between $100 and $150.

[via Gadget Lab]

  • djgrahamj

    Just to be picky, you can’t DJ with wireless speakers. Too much latency.

  • jgr627

    Not if it’s over Bluetooth it wrks perfectly fine…..

  • tiresius

    To be just a tad picky, would be nice if the article offered some information regarding size of the speakers or at least place a common object (e.g. iPhone) in the picture for scale.

       We now know it comes in three sizes; like Starbucks, Grande to Venti?

  • djgrahamj

    Depends what you mean by perfectly. If you’re doing proper beatmatching with a local monitor those extra milliseconds will amount to a sloppy mix at best and a lot of frustration at worst.

  • jgr627

    I’m no DJ but when ever I pair my iPad or iPhone with a Bluetooth receiver I don’t notice any lag of any sort but I doubt anybody will be hired to do a real gig if you show up with the iPhone n that little speaker

  • djgrahamj

    It’s hard to notice audio latency when there’s nothing to compare it to. If you were to listen to the sound with plugged-in headphones at the same time as through a Bluetooth speaker, trust me, you’d notice :)

  • Andrea

    check out the SPAR site, they show it next to in I phone, it looks like it is the size of a Jambox