Today Is The Last Day To Buy AppleCare+ For Your New iPhone 4S [Reminder]



If you were one of the millions to buy the iPhone 4S, today is your last day to order AppleCare+ coverage. Apple introduced a new type of AppleCare with the iPhone 4S, and the deadline for adding the coverage to your policy is today, November 14th.

AppleCare+ gives customers a two-year warranty and coverage for two incidents of accidental damage. The plan costs $99 and is highly recommended for any new iPhone owner.

iPhone 4S and 8GB iPhone 4 customers can add AppleCare+ to their accounts today on Apple’s website. It doesn’t seem like people have been able to buy AppleCare+ in a physical Apple Store today, so online looks like the way to go.

  • mecadocaribe

    I was not able to buy the plan online last week.  I had to call and speak with an Apple Rep.  iPhone 4s.

  • Kirk

    I was able to buy without a problem on the phone through Apple Care

  • Nic Wise

    BTW, this appears to be US only – the UK has no AppleCare+. I guess we still get our phones repaired and replaced like normal :)

  • Bitter Witch

    Why do we have to call to order? Sheesh.

  • PC


    After holding for a good half an hour to 45 mins. Thanks Apple.

  • Robert Janger

    Actually, this has been extended another 30 days (according to the support rep I just spoke with). I added the AppleCare protection anyway. I was really worth it for my previous 3G (went through three of those) so I got it for my 4S.

  • Raman Pfaff

    I gave up after 2.5 hours on hold listening to really bad music. I called back and the person said they have no clue if I’ll be able to buy tomorrow.

  • Brian Johnson

    I was told by 2 different Apple Store reps while upgrading 2 different lines of service to the 4S (at the same store on different days) that you if you wanted AppleCare+ you had to buy it AT THE SAME TIME YOU BOUGHT YOUR PHONE.  It could not be added after the point of sale of the phone.  Is this not accurate?