This Auto-Tracking iPhone Mount Takes Stalking To A Whole New Level



While we can’t seem to find a practical reason for buying the Swivl iPhone mount, we still want one. The Swivl auto-tracks your movement with your iPhone’s camera, all thanks to a handy receiver that can held or worn on a lanyard.

So many possibilities!

The Swivl’s multi-axis motion capabilities allow it to track movement horizontally and vertically. Once you clamp your iPhone or Flip camera (Do people still have those?), you’re good to go. Any device that’s less than 11mm thick can actually fit into the Swivl. The mount will also sit on top of most camera tripods.

Check out the Swivl in-action:

And yes… it does work with Android handsets.

You can pre-order the Swivl for $159, with the gadget shipping in early-2012. Who’s buying?