iPads Get Thumbs Up in Election Test


Photo @AP.

Election officials in Oregon are giving an “aye” to an iPad scheme that helped disabled voters cast ballots in yesterday’s elections.

Some 89 disabled people were able to have their say in choosing a representative to Congress thanks to Apple’s tablet computer, Politico reports.

One voter was “just so tickled with the iPad he’s committed to coming back in January to mark his ballot,” Secretary of State Kate Brown said.

There were a few minor hiccups, mostly because the iPad voting scheme isn’t paperless and requires Internet connectivity (or more planning ahead.)

Voters still need to print out ballots and mail them in.  Another issue was downloading the ballots on the devices so they don’t need Internet connectivity in the state’s rural areas, Brown said.

Officials have a few months to work out the bugs before the next trial Jan. 31. If all goes smoothly, voting via iPad will become available to all Oregonians – possibly from their own devices.

Otherwise, the state will also have to drum up the cash. Right now, they are using Apple loaners to test the program but estimate that it could cost at least $36,000 for the 72 iPads necessary to make the program available to disabled voters.

Via Politico

  • Wayne_Luke

    Interesting idea. Wonder what the fraud checks in place are.

  • Demonstr8r

    I’d like to see an iPhone app that would allow me to vote. However, there are obviously challenges to overcome with verifying only registered voters can vote, and each person votes at most one time. However, instead of trying to leapfrog light years ahead of the era of hanging chads, perhaps the following recommendation would be a huge leap forward, without trying to boil the ocean.

    All voters must report to their designated voting location; however, if you have an iPhone with the approved voting application, show a valid photo identification and voter registration card, then you go in the express lane, where you will be given a code that must be entered in the app. Then you can freely vote at anywhere and anytime before voting closes that is convenient for you.

  • applejack

    Here’s an idea

  • applejack

    Here’s an idea: use voting app to vote.  To register/ or verify: use your driver’s licence number.
    and another part of verifying: put social security number..last 4 digits.

  • Hyn

    Did not know aliens can vote too…