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Would-be iPhone Reseller Sues Apple Over Price Cut



Ladies and gentlemen, we officially have the most ridiculous response to the iPhone price cut that Steve Jobs announced last month: A woman in Queens, New York, Dongmei Li, is suing Apple for $1 million because she can’t make as much money on eBay by selling the two iPhones she owns. No, seriously.

Li’s lawyer, Jean Wang, said her client bought two 4-gigabite (sic*) models for $499 each with the idea of selling them later on eBay.

“Since they’re selling the 8-gigabite phone for $399, there’s really no market for her,” Wang said.

That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? She should totally get $1 million! Ms. Li bought two 4-gig iPhones for $1,000, hoping to sell them on eBay for, let’s say, given market rate, at most $1,500. Now, 4-gig iPhones are worth $300 or less each, or $600 combined. And as we all know, $1,500 – $600 = $1 million in lost revenue.  For shame, Apple! For shame!

I will now launch my own lawsuit. I almost bought an iPhone, but I decided not to, because they’re expensive. Now the price has changed, and I haven’t been able to work ever since because of the trauma. I would like Apple to pay me $8 million for my lost salary owing to disability for the last three weeks.

*Yes, the New York Post spelled gigabyte as “gigabite.” That makes the article even more entertaining.

Image via Massachusetts government

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14 responses to “Would-be iPhone Reseller Sues Apple Over Price Cut”

  1. allan says:

    Everyone knows what a good investment electronics can be.

    I sued Guns N Roses a few years back. I bought a couple of tickets to there show with the intent on scalping them for big $$$. And then everybody realized Axel was a write-off and nobody wanted to buy my tickets. Wow was I pissed……

  2. allan says:

    Sorry, I meant “their”. Hey, it’s late.

  3. Andrew DK says:

    One of the downsides to Apple being so damn hot these days is that we’re constantly bombarded by all these friggindiculus lawsuits that morons think they actually have a chance to win.

    The world is full of sad, sad people.


  4. phoenix says:

    So the moral of the story is: No company can ever or should ever discount or lower their price for anything, or else they’re criminally liable for any money that someone may have lost by buying BEFORE a sale of any kind!


  5. themark says:

    Hey, it’s litigation nation… who knows, she may actually win. The only country in the world where being an idiot (with a lawyer) can be profitable.

  6. RATM fan says:

    you are one twisted person, hope you never miss out on a concert… cause it will be just deserts, then again i hope you buy more tickets to scalp so people will stuff up your ebay auctions like is happening here in oz with the ratm tickets. oh and by the way you actually spell it axl rose not that you actually care cause your obviously not a true fan of music

    on topic though, hope she goes to court and gets fined for contempt of court or whatever you get for wasting all their time

  7. - says:

    You know what sucks most about Apple? Their users.