Watch PBS’s ‘Steve Jobs: One Last Thing’ Online, Right Here, Right Now [Video]


Watch Steve Jobs: One Last Thing on PBS. See more from PBS.

Did you miss the Steve Jobs documentary Steve Jobs: One Last Thing that aired last night on PBS or the UK’s Channel 4? Those nice guys over at public broadcasting have slung the whole movie up online for streaming, free.

  • luishostos

    not working for me

  • Jvcamm

    Same thing. It’s not working.

  • Asd


  • Hristo

    Same, same.

  • Anders Serigstad

    Do someone know if it is available as a torrent??

  • nolavabo

    Doesn’t stream to IPs outside of the USA.

    Shame, but common.

    Anybody see the irony of it being a Flash video? Unavailable to iOS users.

  • cassandralite

    “In the Los Altos suburb of San Francisco, California…”  WTF?!?!  Any production that begins in earnest with a colossal error like that–assuredly not meant as irony–is, as this program was, lacking. 

    There were one or two and interesting moments.  But the best thing for me, having tuned in a few minutes ahead of time last night, was to catch the last five minutes of Nova…and see that the two biggest individual sponsors were David Koch and a Howard Hughes foundation.  Hooray for hated capitalists!

  • TIBoine

    only for US? ok, the piratebay it is then. 

  • Ryan Simmons… – For those in the UK.

  • Noah Wiles

    It streamed fine on my iPhone through the PBS application.

  • m_hardwick

    If this was broadcast on Ch4 too then it will be on 4oD… there is an app for that. It’s not called One Last Thing, but iChanged The World… assuming it was the same program pretty much – and it is there on 4oD

  • John Howell

    Cant get it off the PBS site, says the video is unavailable, cant get off the BBC, as I dont live in the UK, but the Piratebay has it, and as it is distributed, the more people that have it, the faster it shares.

  • FenTiger

    Damn you being 8 hours behind. I missed it :-(

  • FenTiger

    You won’t get it from the BBC, it was on Channel 4 and would be on the 4OD catch up service

  • iDaBoss

    working for me, but im in US

  • Goldie20


  • t l

    spotted this on the rememberingsteve page over at  I
    thought it was one of the better things I read there, because it
    expressed what allot of people seemed to be feeling.  Hopefully
    it’ll get some traction and inspire a few people besides myself. 

    The heading
    was something like:

    In Death He
    Created His Most Insanely Great Creation


    I grew up
    with Steve and Apple.  Some of my best childhood memories lie at
    the intersection of a best friend, Steve’s creation(s), and myself.  

    Now that he’s
    gone we worry a little about the things we may never see.  It’s

    But one of
    the cool things about Steve is his ability to inspire and create in
    everything.  And in his passing he has created millions and
    millions of people who don’t want to see a world without him.  Out
    of those millions there are many feeling such intense emotion right
    now that it will deeply affect their souls for good.  Even more,
    the thought of living in the absence of the incredibly different
    world they feel they’ve lost, is so painful, that it will actually
    drive and inspire them to make sure that the future ahead of us is
    not only as good as it could have been with Steve, but even more
    beautiful, more pure, more honest, and more inspiring.

    It really
    hurts.  But they want to see this world.  Steve’s loss will
    create thousands of these seeds in an intensely meaningful way.
    They’ll do it because they want to live in a world even better than
    the one they think they’ve lost. 

    They won’t be
    digital clones, but they’ll share his DNA.  They’ll evolve
    through it.  And there are so many more of them now than there
    ever could have been had he been able to stay.   

    So thanks
    Steve!  Thanks for this last(ing) new creation.  It’s a
    lovely gift.  

  • auramac

    Shut up and GTF sleep.

  • Goldie20

    you hurt my feelings …Yawn

    I was watching the video but then I realized that watching paint dry was more interesting.

    You really watched it ?? Wow get a life buddie or buddette. You need to get out more.

  • Dane Henas

    Awful editing and narration! I quit watching after 15 minutes