New Super Luxurious, AirPlay-Equipped Libratone Speakers Are the Ultimate Bachelor Pad Upgrade



Nothing says “hey baby, how you doin’ ” quite like expensive, cutting edge-technology wrapped in luxurious wool. Libratone’s new AirPlay-equipped Live and Lounge speakers don’t just say it, they sing it. With a European accent.

The smaller of the two, the Live, runs $699 and stands upright for better insertion into cramped spaces; the larger Lounge, $1399, lays flat on the fllor. Both can be made even smoother with Italian Cashmere trappings for an extra $100.

Once you’ve got these babies set up you can download the free Libratone app, which automagically tailors the sound to fit the room, once you’ve told the app how and where you’ve set up the speakers. And if that doesn’t impress the chicks, you probably need to shower more.

  • Boredumb

    “Automagically”??? Puhlease…

  • Yake12

    kind of wish i could afford these

  • elimilchman

    I’ll admit, I have a bit of a crush on that word.

  • Pucken

    Danish design to the rescue :D