iPad Pinkie Ripper Gets 25 Years in Jail, Apologizes



A 22-year-old man got a 25-year jail sentence for a ripping off part of a man’s pinkie while stealing an iPad.

The Denver Post reported that Brandon Smith apologized to the victim, Bill Jordan, who did not appear in court for the sentencing hearing “because he fears for his life.”

The scales looked weighted after Brandon Smith reportedly thought his theft case would go away if the victim was ‘eliminated.’
“I would like to say I am sorry for what I did for messing up Bill Jordan’s finger and everything,” Smith said during his hearing. “All of this was motivated by drugs. I wish Bill Jordan were here today so he could hear me tell him I am sorry.”

Starting from square one: In 2010, Bill Jordan, then 59, had part of his finger amputated after Brandon Smith wrested a just-purchased iPad from him in the parking lot outside Denver’s Cherry Creek Mall store in April.
The Apple bag was looped around Jordan’s hand and the thief jerked hard several times to get it off — so hard that flesh came of Jordan’s left pinky.
A surgeon later amputated part of the damaged little finger on his dominant hand. In a jail interview last summer, Smith said he started stealing when he was 15 to support a heroin and meth habit.
Smilth pleaded guilty in September to aggravated robbery and second-degree assault.

Via Denver Post