Why Steve Jobs’ Mercedes Never Had a License Plate


Jobs would regularly park his Mercedes in a handicap spot on Apple's campus
Jobs would regularly park his Mercedes in a handicap spot on Apple's campus

Besides his signature black turtleneck, New Balance sneakers, and blue jeans, Steve Jobs was known for his silver Mercedes SL55 AMG. What was perhaps most interesting about Jobs’ ride was the fact that it never had a license plate.

Jobs’ Mercedes was photographed many times over the last several years, but the car was always plate-free. How did he do it? Did he pay the fine every time he was confronted by the police? Did he obtain a special permit? Did he just get lucky?

The answer is actually very simple.

ITWire explains (via The Loop):

Steve (or someone close to him) spotted a loophole in the California vehicle laws.  Anyone with a brand new car had a maximum of six months to affix the issued number plate to the vehicle.

So Jobs made an arrangement with the leasing company; he would always change cars during the sixth month of the lease, exchanging one silver Mercedes SL55 AMG for another identical one.  At no time would he ever be in a car as old as six months; and thus there was no legal requirement to have the number plates fitted.

One might also assume that the leasing company was happy – they had an endless supply of luxury cars to on-sell with the previous driver being none-other that Steve Jobs.

That would be a win-win-win situation for Steve, the leasing company and for the subsequent buyer.


  • MikeBeas

    That’s pretty awesome lol

  • Dave Stephens


    Maybe up-sell?

  • ChrisCameron

    BS.  You need a temp tag in CA.

  • Clinton Verley

    He didn’t have a plate because he was Steve freaking Jobs. End of story.

  • timborama

    Sadly that is total BS.  Are people just making stuff up now?? And CoM reprints everything they find??  Come on CoM, you use to be better than this.

  • SupaMac

    sliver Mercedes? nice proofing

  • Dilbert A

    I think I read about this in the Ars comment section last year.

    Good to have confirmation.

  • Juan Manzanero

    I want to know why he did it?

  • crateish

    Damn! And I just got a new car. I totally want a former Steve Mercedes.

  • BaBa Booey

    I like turtles

  • PuckDaddy

    that handicap square would have been more fitting if it were his face from his book. does anyone get to park there now ?

  • Wayne_Luke

    That is just a piece of paper in the window and it can be affixed to the front window where people wouldn’t be as likely to look.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    If Steve was trying to avoid attention, one might figure a car with a plate like that might draw more attention considering whether there are lots of people driving around with those sort of plates.  He should have had something like SJAAPL1.  I doubt if he was really worried about drawing attention since supposedly he took walks around his neighborhood.  Hey, look!  It’s Steve Jobs, CEO and founder of Apple.  Let’s get his autograph.  NOT!

  • Mutation

    What an asshole …

  • Acumsille

    Park Different

  • twitter-119563679

    This doesn’t answer the question of why he didn’t like license plates in the first place. Was it because they spoiled the design? Or perhaps for anonymity?

  • gregbraddock

    during the interview that walter issacson did with 60 minutes he said that steve stated he didn’t want people following him or knowing who’s car it was to which walter responded “isn’t a mercedes WITHOUT a plate more noticeable?” Steve replied, “you’re right, i just don’t like following rules.” you can check out the interview on ABC.com if you like, it’s in 3 parts. 

  • Madidymus

    As a (1) transplant recipient and (2) cancer patient, Jobs qualified for handicapped parking. As for the six month lease … it was his money and his business, not ours.

  • Jpl-95

    This is completely bullshit. There was an article done on this an entire year ago. His license plate was constantly stolen and so he was able to arrange with whoever to get a special code. That’s why there is what appears to be a sticker where his license plate would be. 

  • Dylan

    I gonna kick yo ass!!!! Bill gates loving homo mother fucker!! Stupid dick-faggot-mother-fucker

  • Dylan

    I didn’t know is name was Steve freaking jobs

  • Anim8me2

    Although it would probably be better to have confirmation.

  • Anim8me2

    Although it would probably be better to have confirmation.

  • KanMS

    Nothing to shout about. Anyone with understanding of legal loopholes and plenty of dough would be able to do that. Money talk.

  • Dont bullshit

    This is complete bullshit…. mercedes replaced SL55 AMG by SL63 AMG couple years ago, so there’s absolutely zero reason for mercedes to still produce a whole bunch of SL55 AMG just for steve to change everyone 6 month… This story only make sense if he drives a SL63 AMG RIGHT NOW…. which he still has the SL55 AMG.

    Whoever wrote this, unless you have proof that every SL55 AMG Steve has ever driven has a different VIN number then this completely bust your story. “Someone close to him” doesn’t convince anyone. Just FYI.

  • OEB

    Never-mind that he owned the parking lot. =)

  • Daibidh

    errr… Are you sure about that?  This is a stupid story but that does look like the standard VIN and not some “special code.”

  • Cody_kk

    watch 60 minutes and you’ll find out why

  • Madidymus

    Fight on Brother – care to predict the score on Saturday?

  • imajoebob

    It just sounds overly complex.  A generic plate – especially a new one every six months, would seem a lot more anonymous than a gleaming silver AMG with no plates.  Or you just buy about 12 of them and loan them out to different employees as a monthly perk, and you all park in the same lot.

  • jasonbarone

    Why didn’t Steve have a parking spot reserved for him?

  • freediverx

    They did? when?

  • Len Williams

    This makes perfect sense to me. As a multi-billionaire he was a prime target for kidnappers, thieves, activists of one sort or another and the mentally disturbed with an agenda (eg. Mark David Chapman who shot John Lennon). It’s fairly easy to get a person’s license number, and then he could be followed and accosted. Anyone with a lot of money or a high public profile always runs the risk of displeasing someone, so anonymity is very important.

  • apples

    nope your the asshole its a license plate who the hell cares , you do to much

  • Sean Peters

    Ummm… ok, so then why did he routinely leave his back door unlocked (as also reported in the biography?)

  • Sean Peters

    This is it exactly – he was a rich corporate exec, and laws only apply to the 99%.

  • Priest Forever

    Yeah, he was an asshole.

  • Bruno Confortin

    Sorry to bother you but…”if he drives a SL63 AMG RIGHT NOW…”…you know he’s gone, right? Like: not among us anymore?

  • Michael King

    Would a super expensive mercedes with no plates be just as conspicuous? 

  • Jeremiah Warren

    That wasn’t the reason why, he simply thought he was above the law. 

  • Ch

    Why does this make him an asshole?  It’s insanely simple, and it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone.

  • Ch

    …like not driving ANY Mercedes right now.

  • berendsrob

    Yeah, because you can’t buy a new car that isn’t produced any more… -_-

  • Peter

    Whatever the reason was. This certainly bring all of our attention and makes us more interested in knowing about him.

  • donwilson

    Don’t you know? His death was more than a couple days ago, therefore the collective internet hates him with the energy of a thousand suns.

  • Steven Zahl

    All Billionaires have their weird Quirks.

    Have you not watched Tony Stark?

  • RodgerD1981

    You sir, must not know Luxury card! I own a BMW & where the rear plate goes behind it is a tag that has my vehicles VIN number. Buy one and you’ll find out yourself before you start rambling about nonsense.

  • imajoebob

    He can also just re-lease the same car, but on a new contract, not an extension of the old.  Which probably makes more sense.

  • HotGG

    What number models of New Balance did he wear? Anyone? I’m talking from the earliest to the latest NBs he wore. Thanks!

  • Anthony M Perez

    That’s not correct, if the vehicle is brand new. According to the CA MVC, all the dealer has to do is affix the temp registration paper to the bottom right-hand side of the windshield, perpendicular to the windshield moulding. Mind you this paper is way smaller than a license plate “paper plate”.

  • DMVexpert

    According to http://dmv.ca.gov/pubs/vctop/d… the Motor Vehicle Department “…may issue one or more stickers, tabs, or other suitable devices in lieu of the license plates…”.

  • FenTiger

    I wondered why go to so much trouble and expense just to not have a number plate (impossible here in the UK). You kind of it explain it, but given everyone knew, or could easily find out, where he lived and worked, not having a number plate does little to mitigate the risk of kidnap.

  • Rob

    So…even more compelling evidence that SJ was a total pr1ck.  Regularly parking in a disabled bay and swapping out his car every 6 months so he didn’t have to have a license plate – sounds like a major league douche!!

  • Steve

    So how did you find Jobs? Look out for the only silver AMG without license plate ;-)

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  • Sam Parmenter

    So he thought he was above the law and he showed this by following the law…. Good logic buddy

  • Reinoud van Zoelen

    That’s just genius

  • Asshole

    He parked in handicapped spots. That’s what makes him an asshole.

  • Eh?

    The law says that handicapped spots are for the handicapped.

  • Eh?

    The law says that handicapped spots are for the handicapped.

  • Sf


  • kyle

    Well, he did have cancer, which – at least in some states – makes you automatically eligible for handicapped designation.

  • kyle

    This is probably more likely true. Even if pulled over by the cops, the cops would just let him go. In America, there are rules for the top 1% and other rules for the rest of us.

  • Gunnar Ágústsson

    What a waste of luxury cars

  • Shaun

    Clever but I just don’t see the point. If you wanted to avoid stalkers it would seem more logical to keep changing your car and number plates. Same car + no plates = Steve Jobs. Wouldn’t take much to track him down. Maybe he found a way of avoiding speeding/parking tickets.

  • Togovero

    NB 991 and then 992, but they’re both discontinued, replaced by NB 993.

  • God

    How about the idea that he just thought it was fun and/or interesting not to have a plate. He certainly had the money to change leases frequently. It probably has nothing to do with avoiding stalkers or kidnappers, it’s mostly likely he found the loophole in the law and thought it was amusing to exploit it. People find loopholes in things everyday and have fund exploiting it for as long as they can. Not everything the guy did had to be part of some grand plan.

  • God

    You call yourself ‘Supa’ and you complain about a slip of a finger on a keyboard. Nice job vocabulary police.  Douche. (did I spell that to your liking?)

  • randall

    This doesn’t explain WHY he did it, just how he got away with it.

  • arenacreative

    he had the money to buy the cars outright, but leasing is so much easier if you’re just going to keep swapping them every 6 months

  • Brandy

    He was handicapped, he was DYING OF CANCER. That makes someone eligible for handicapped plates. Hello? Have you had cancer? Tried to walk long distances while going through that? Didn’t think so.

  • Ianfb

    Genius for him, not so great when the bad guys do it

  • Processwork

    This was exactly my thought. Why?

  • Processwork

    Then everyone would recognize the car as Steve Job’s. Wait a minute, everybody already knew it was his car. This circular logic makes my brain hurt. What was the question?

  • Jason Lapp

    This whole site is quickly becoming a masturbatory aid for Jobs fanatics.

    What’s next? Did Steve wipe front-to-back or back-to-front?

  • sir1jaguar

    It’s simple – why steve jobs Mercedes doesn’t have plate no…?

  • Ed_Kel

    How is that a waste?

  • Ed_Kel

    How ignorant can one man be…..?

  • Ed_Kel

    Did you know?… The VIN IS the vehicle’s special code! : )

  • Ed_Kel

    Just because you own the parking lot doesn’t mean that you don’t have to adhere to parking rules.. He was handicapped, end of story.

  • Ed_Kel

    It is what it is man. Why do people masturbate to gay porn? They just do. : )

  • Ed_Kel

    This comment made my day.

  • Ed_Kel

    Nevermind the fact that he obeyed the law by purchasing a new vehicle every 6 months. Go back to wall street, your ignorance will drown itself out.

  • Ed_Kel

    You’re an idiot.

  • markrlangston

    Well, I guess you told him. 

    Dead or alive I doubt he gives a rat’s lower torso of what people like you think of him.

  • iGuest

    Califormia will close up that loophole soon…

  • Dilbert A

    Asshole, he was handicapped.

  • Dilbert A

    lol. endeed.

  • Doron

    he truly was a genius

  • Daibidh

    This was a response to the speculation that the VIN was somehow a specially arrange for code issued by, I’m assuming, the California DMV.

  • Adam Goldman


  • Efrain Sandoval

    “Steve (or someone close to him) spotted a loophole in the California vehicle laws”

    So, he actually Jailbroke California vehicle laws?

  • Andy Murdock

    The collective internet has the energy of a thousand dead rats. Let’s not give the world mob too much credit.

  • Taekwondave1

    Nobody actually needs license plates to drive their cars anyways. The Supreme Court has ruled in almost innumerable (although widely unknown) cases that Americans have a common law, Constitutional “right of locomotion” or in other words “right to travel.” You see, where we’ve been duped into getting “driver” licenses is in the common usage of the legal term “driver.” You see, a “driver” historically is someone who makes use of the highways/roadways for business purposes, i.e. a truck “driver” a taxi “driver” a bus “driver.” However, even these are misnomers, since you don’t “drive” a truck. What a truck driver “drives” is goods. He “operates” a truck. What bus and taxi drivers “drive” is people. Notice they all do so for a fee. When you “drive” around in your car, you aren’t being paid to do so, therefore, Constitutionally speaking, the state can’t force you to license yourself as a driver to do so, nor can they force you to turn over your private property to the state by means of registration (license plates). 

    But, since people don’t know this, they waddle on down to the local DMV and voluntarily (albeit ignorantly) hand over their private property to the state by getting a license plate (which gives cops permission to repossess the licensed property should the registration expire) and also get themselves a driver license, which costs money, inadvertently declaring themselves an employee of some non-existent company which pays you to “operate” your “vehicle.” The trickery is found in the verbage. “Driver”, “drive”, “operate”, “operator”, “vehicle”, “passenger” are all words that legally entrap you into a system that is actually unconstitutional (if you care about that sort of thing, some people I realize do not). 

    Just fyi, you are not a “driver” but a “traveler.” That one word helps you to flex your rights on the roads and avoid paying the tax of licensing and the fees (tickets) associated with that system. 

    Your car is not a “vehicle” even though a police officer who pulls you over may refer to it as such and you’ve heard it called that so many times. A “vehicle” is a medium of commercial transportation. Your car is no such thing. It is private property used for private purposes. 

    Other people in your car are NOT “passengers.” A passenger, legally, is someone who pays a fee to be “driven” somewhere. In a strict legal sense, they are simply your “guests.” 

    Such language may seem trivial, but it’s that language that entangles us in these legal court systems so it would be wise to learn it. 

    In case you’re interested, here are some Supreme Court cases that prove this point: 

    1. “The use of the highway for the purpose of
    travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common
    fundamental right of which the public
    and individuals cannot rightfully be deprived.” Chicago Motor Coach v.
    Chicago, 169 NE 221.


    2. “The right of the citizen to travel upon the
    public highways and to transport his property thereon, either by carriage or by
    automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at
    will, but a common law right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and
    the pursuit of happiness.” Thompson v. Smith, 154 SE 579.


    3. “The right to travel is a part of the liberty of
    which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the
    Fifth Amendment.” Kent v.
    Dulles, 357 US 116, 125.


    4. “The right of the
    Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property
    thereon, in the ordinary course of life and business, is a common right which he has under the right to enjoy life and
    liberty, to acquire and possess property, and to pursue happiness and safety.
    It includes the right, in so doing, to use the ordinary and usual conveyances
    of the day, and under the existing modes of travel, includes the right to drive
    a horse drawn carriage or wagon thereon or to operate an automobile
    thereon, for the usual and
    ordinary purpose of life and business.” Teche Lines vs. Danforth, Miss.,
    12 S.2d 784; Thompson vs. Smith, supra.


    5. “First, it is well established law
    that the highways of the state are
    public property, and their
    primary and preferred use is for private purposes, (but) that their use for
    purposes of gain is special and extraordinary which, generally at least, the
    legislature may prohibit or condition as it sees fit.” Stephenson vs.
    Rinford, 287 US 251; Pachard vs Banton, 264 US 140, and cases cited; Frost and
    F. Trucking Co. vs. Railroad Commission, 271 US 592; Railroad commission vs.
    Inter-City Forwarding Co., 57 SW.2d 290; Parlett Cooperative vs. Tidewater
    Lines, 164 A. 313.


    Translation: Using your car to go to work, drop off or pick up
    your kids from school, go to a movie, or do any other number of usual
    day-to-day activities is actually your RIGHT. You may use your private property (bike, car, truck, etc) to do so. The use of “vehicles” on roads AS A BUSINESS however,
    (such as is the case for cab DRIVERS,
    bus DRIVERS, limo DRIVERS, truck DRIVERS, pizza delivery boys, etc.) is a
    special PRIVILEGE that CAN require licensing and insurance if the state so
    deems according to the US Supreme Court. But 99% of us are not drivers. Steve Jobs probably knew that too, but his method probably gave him fewer hassles. 

  • imajoebob

    Best comment here. 
    Even better reasoning than the post.

  • shauncorleone

    A few questions from a Texan without a drivers’ license:
    1. How does this apply to the requirement by most (if not all) car dealers of a drivers’ license to purchase a vehicle? Is this requirement avoided then by purchasing from a private seller?
    2. If the state requires you to have insurance on a vehicle, how do you purchase insurance without a license?
    3. Can state law for licensing, registration and inspection trump the rulings in these cases? I would think not but am not exactly a constitutional scholar.

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    Actually I challenge the validity of the article being referenced.

    Please see California Vehicle Code Section 4853:


    Devices in Lieu of Plates4853.  The department may issue one or more stickers, tabs, or other suitable devices in lieu of the license plates provided for under this code. Except where the physical differences between the stickers, tabs, or devices and license plates by their nature render the provisions of this code inapplicable, all provisions of this code relating to license plates may apply to stickers, tabs, or devices.Amended Ch. 889, Stats. 1973. Effective September 28, 1973.

    ————END QUOTE————-

    If you Look at the picture at the top of this page, you’ll see a sticker in the center of the licence plate holder.  It has a bar code on it.  Any CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer that pulls Steve over just had to scan the bar code and he has all the information that would be on the plate.

    We have a lot of famous people in California who don’t really want people to invade their privacy.  You can look up violations by Licence plate in California.  Steve just didn’t want anyone diving into his own personal business.  I’m not saying he had a lot of tickets. I’m saying the man wanted privacy, like any other celebrity.

  • Taekwondave1

    1. Can’t tell you for sure, but it would seem that requiring dealers to have a driver license to purchase cars they intend to sell would be legitimate, because they are, in essence “car drivers” are they not? When they purchase a vehicle to sell on their lot, they need to transport those cars to said lot. Since that is their job (the transporting of cars) then just like a truck driver would need a license, so it seems would a car dealer. 

    2. Again, the state requires you to have insurance on “vehicles” but they can’t force you to get insurance on your car, which is your private property; not according to the previously mentioned Supreme Court cases, anyway. But that’s kind of the point of my post: there are many state laws that are unconstitutional. Driving laws being one of my favorites to point out. They operate unconstitutional laws because nobody knows they are unconstitutional. And the few that do, may not care enough to do anything about it, or aren’t well-funded enough to do anything about it. But you are within your writes to drive your car without licensing, registration, or insurance, even though local laws say you can’t. If you lost a case and appealed it in federal court, you would have it turned over based on precedent. 

    3. No. State law cannot trump Federal Rulings. Federal Courts are what our country uses to keep state and local courts in line. If you have the funds to take your case higher, you can do away with a lot of unfair laws in your state. 


    “The state cannot
    diminish the rights of the people.”
    Hertado v. California, 110 US 516


    “The claim and exercise of a constitutional
    right cannot be converted into a crime.” (i.e. traveling without a
    license) Miller v. US, 230 F 486, at 489



  • Taekwondave1

    Oops. “You are within your *rights”

  • Mike Rathjen

    Constitutional rights are not absolute, even those that are most cherished, such as free speech. The US Supreme Court has repeatedly allowed State and Federal restrictions on Constitutional rights when they have deemed those restrictions to be reasonable.

    I am curious to know if any of the court cases you mentioned specifically overturned a state’s requirement for a driver’s license of a non-business related vehicle operator.

  • Taekwondave1

    I wouldn’t say the Supreme Court “allows” this stuff. They rule on a matter and that sets precedent for the whole country. If States pass laws that are unconstitutional, the Supreme Court doesn’t poke their noses around and try to find where they are doing so. First, a suit has to be filed, and it has to go through the proper channels and at LEAST get to the federal level before it’s even dealt with. Constitutional rights are trampled on every day, everywhere in america, yes. And I guess you could say the Supreme Court “repeatedly allows that” but that’s a little misleading, since it’s not their job to police the states to make sure they comply. We have to bring lawsuits against the states to their doorsteps if we want anything to be done about it. In other words, whether or not in these court cases the court overturned a state’s requirement or not would only be relevant if the lawsuit that was filed was demanding such. More than likely it was more localized than that. 

    Steve Jobs reminds me a little of a guy a long while back named Charlie Sprinkle. I’ll leave a link to a video of him. It’s good for a laugh, and makes you pause and think.


  • Taekwondave1

    Hm. I don’t know if my last post is going to make it on here now. I was free to post before but now I’ve gotten a note that says my comment has to be reviewed by a moderator before posting. I wonder why that is this time and not before. Maybe it was because I was logged out of google? Hm. Anyway, I had a response to your post, but we’ll see if either of these make it on the page. 

  • Taekwondave1

    Here’s basically what I said, but for some reason it didn’t show up:

    The Supreme Court doesn’t “allow” or “disallow” the states in the way you just described. They rule when a case is brought to them, but first a case must be brought to them. For example: the DC gun ban was struck down a couple of years ago by the Supreme Court. They ruled decidedly that gun rights are individual and that no state or city/county can legally prosecute someone for the exercise of that right. They essentially struck down their ban. 

    However, despite many other such laws existing throughout the country, most notably in Chicago, Illinois, those laws remain. Why? Because nobody has sued them for it yet in federal court. Once they DO, THEN they will be forced to change. But just because the Supreme Court rules on a matter doesn’t mean they turn into policemen, roaming the country laying down the law. If the people in each state do not care enough to file a suit, then laws that have been deemed unconstitutional will remain in effect. That’s part of my point: the supreme court has ruled many times on this issue, but if you don’t care and file suit (which can get expensive) nothing will change. I know many people who like it that way. I know a lot of people who want licensing, registration, etc because they think it makes them so much safer. I don’t, but that’s moot. The point is that the Supreme Court has established the rule, or precedent, and if you WANT to have this right back in your pocket with the few remaining others, you’ll have to actually do something about it. If not, just keep waddling down to the DMV and renewing every year. 

    Youtube a guy named Charlie Sprinkle. It’s good for a laugh, but it’ll also make you think. 

  • Leo

    Crooks find holes in laws all the time, it’s been like that for centuries, what’s the “genius” in it? I think many people want’s this guy to be a genius when he’s clearly just a man. I bet that if they find Jobs’ last used toilet paper many would instantly exclaim “it’s a master piece of the finest art!”.  To me it would be another piece of sh#t.

  • Keystonebrotherb

    he had cancer. i see fat fucks get a sticker.

  • TFR

    Cultofmac quoting IT Wire quoting The Loop quoting David Heath quoting Jon Callas. Ahh journalism .

  • Brock

    well, here in montana, you can drive without an actual liscence plate, but you have to have like pretty much a sticker with a number on it I believe just in your window for an amount of time.

    so the real question is, if it’s the same in that state, did he have one of those on every car? though I really don’t see the point in changing a car just to bypass getting a liscence plate..

  • Brock

    liscence plate, not a driver’s liscence. (don’t quote me on this) I believe you have to get a new plate for every new car you get, bought from a used or new dealer, or just some random person selling it. Jobs, or his driver would still have a driver’s liscence all the time, but would have to change the plates if he wanted a new car.

    Which also makes me wonder now, did they ever get a look at the front plate spot, and did that one have a plate there, or just get a look at the back…

  • Lflyhorse

    I think the reason that he does not a license plate is that the plate “Icar” has been taken already. Therefore, use no plate would be the (almost) same as “Icar”

  • DominikSzewczyk

    Doesn’t explain WHY just HOW. Waste of my time.

  • Jimmer

    he was an ass

  • Kayeberry2

    Everyone like to “stickit to the man” good for you steve!!!!!!

  • Fill F. Fill

    If true, it might get him out of tickets, but what a hassle.  You’d still get pulled over all the time and would have to make the same silly argument to the cops each time.  I’m reading his biography now, and he calls himself ‘special’ a lot, so he probably just thought he was too special to deal with silly things like the DMV.

  • Bobert0670

    The real question here is why was he parked in a handicapped spot?

  • macdaddy

    um… cancer maybe…???

  • Taekwondave1

    Who flagged my original post? Can anybody just click on that little flag there and then they automatically remove the comment while they review it, or did I say something that offended the mac folks? Was it too long or something? Could I at least get an emailed explanation or something? Huh. Weird. 

  • Fill F. Fill

    I believe he used to park there for years before he got sick.  However, it’s pretty difficult to give a ticket to a car that has no plates!

  • Nowhere

    still a dick

  • Sam

    Cars have unique VIN numbers that can be used to trace it to the owner/lessee pretty easily. And yes, Steve always parked in the Handicap space because he was a misanthropic, egomaniacal, sociopathic douchebag. I can understand why people admire the man for his accomplishments, but I will never understand people who revere him as a person, because he truly was an awful person.

  • Sam

    Yes, to hell with people with physical disabilities. Let’s “stick it to the man” by allowing multi-billionaires take them in their brand new Mercedes luxury cars. Because remember, if you’re a cripple, you’re not valuable person. Right?

  • NDJS

    What a worthy expenditure. I understand now why apple fans revere him so.

  • Ryan

    thats no reason to park in handicap spot, bitch could still walk like the rest of us 

  • Josh

    The same rules that apply to me don’t really apply to the rich.

  • quinnak

    they apply to you, you just cant afford it

  • Anon

    19 states do not require a license plate on the front of a registered vehicle. Is your state one of them? If not, maybe you should contact your governor or local representative about it.

  • Douglas Alexander

    Epic douche-nozzle. Also just goes to show how uncreative he really was. Who would get the same exact car over and over again? A pretty boring one at that. Throw in a Ferrari or Lambo here and there.

  • youngflyer

    the sticker is the vin number….all mercedes have that

  • God

    And that’s why he died early: Karma. Gotta love it.

  • Londyndl

    …seems like a hassle just to not get plates.

    Genius? Not at all, just a lazy dick.

  • Arctic

    What an egoistic idiot.
    I knew Steve was an immoral douché, but this takes it to new heights.
    I mean, he didnt have like… His own reserved spot or something?
    Illogical retarded bastard.

  • Marilyn

    No so, I have a “handicap” that does not show when I walk. I can’t go long distances without a LOT of pain. Give him a break.

  • Marilyn

    How about those Mexican truck drivers that can now go anywhere in the USA? Serious stuff is going down as obama and czars put down “roots” so their policies and appointees will live on after they are gone (but not dead).

  • Jazz Noone

    no..I guess In Cali when you get a new car you dont get a plate right away..so I guess there are a bunch of assholes running around without plates…

  • Anon

    Wow. Glad he decided to use his wealth to getting around paying for the car plates that help finance the roads he drove on. Another example of his incredible prickishness.

  • prius04

    The regulations in question were designed, written and codified by the Bush administration.  Obama would actually have had to get Congress to repeal them and as you know, Republicans lately are only in favor on NOT doing anything that Obama wants.

  • foop d


  • Quizzard123

    It’s not fucking genius, it’s fucking disgusting.  Number plates are there for a reason, and for some rich ass to use his money to get around the law is just that, disgusting.  I assume he cheated on his taxes as well.


  • Lightfoot85

    Wow – lots of hate here. So what if he got a new car every 6 months? So what if he never got plates for them? So what if he parked wherever he wanted to in his own lot? Grow up everyone.

  • Guy who wants to annoy you.

    So what if millions of people die of hunger a year? 

  • Idgaf_so_stfu

    Lol you silly haters. He made billions(was worth billions), drove nice cars, and revolutionized technology. Douche -bag? Probably. But with that money and reputation, why did he have to give a fuck? R.I.P Steve. You tricky clever bastard. 

  • OhReallyNow

    Was it his fault? I’m not a Steve Jobs fan but your argument is just invalid.

  • Purple

    eligible for them, sure – but when I became handicapped I was told I had to go apply for a placard and keep it valid and display it while using handicap parking or I’d be towed. I guess because he has cancer or is Steve Jobs its ok if he doesn’t have to right?

  • Buster Hymen

    From story to comments, this page is functionally retarded.

  • Ragnarok

    rofl, first it’s a hassle, then it’s lazy, get you’re story straight.

  • Geen-spam-aub

    I remember a sign at a handicapped parking spot:
    “If you can’t understand why disabled people need this parking spot, go break your fucking back”
    Someone should have broken Steve’s back!

  • Legosteach

    I can’t believe so many people are so negative. Honestly, we all get hooked up, some way somehow. Myths money spent on license plates does not go to roads. It flows around the state department. Trust me Steve was paying enough money and probably did not want tot be bothered by the media.

  • Igor Egana

    Actually it only explains how, not why. He was excentric, that’s all!

  • Car sales man

    Actually the permits in california are only for less then 3 months. They are actually a 90 day permit that go on the front windshield when the car is sold. i should know since i am a car sales man.

  • Rights and Things

    You don’t think someone would try to destroy his car or track him by license plate?

  • Cbom

     You’re right, the car without a numberplate blends in FAR more efficiently then a car with one.

  • Hans

    hahaha grow a brain you muppet. what does millions of people die of hunger got to do with steve jobs? is he in a government? is he a politician? no he’s not. you’re addressing the wrong bud einstein. tell me, do you even donate to charities or do something to help the hungry people???

  • Hans

    YAWN to your invalid comment. purely based on hate = a retard

  • Shlogan123

    …Steve Jobs actually cut Apple’s donations to charity to nearly nothing, donated very little of his personal money, and has been constantly criticized for his lack of charity(compare his donations to Bill Gate or Warren Buffet, it’s embarrassing) However, while he wasn’t frugal enough to donate some money to people in need, he was able to spend who knows how many thousand dollars per year so he wouldn’t have a license plate. Pretty dick move don’t you think?
    And it’s sad to hear you say that because someone isn’t a “government” or a “politician” that they shouldn’t care or help people in need. People who have the power and the resources should help those who need help, it should not be a politicians job or the governments job to help those in need when possible. Steve Jobs was a man who had the resources and power to help a lot of people, but he didn’t.

  • jesse

    nobody cares.

  • patriots12

    Steve Jobs sucked as a person. I wonder if he figured out how to take his money with him. 

  • Brondashi

    No its not invalid – the man had $8.3billion, yet was hardly a bastion of charity.

  • Brondashi

    Lol, he should ask them all to keep their jobs and not kill themselves :D

  • nigson

    no, he was an asshole

  • Guest

    Steve Jobs was a great business man;  one way you become a great business man is through creatively looking at things (specifically financially).  How ethical this is can be debate. Plus, for goodness sakes, HE WAS DYING! If you were dying, would you spend money on a license plate or get a brand new freaking car every six months?!

  • Joobz

    i just ate some blueberries.

  • Moop

    What a dick! I didn’t realize he had leg cancer. He can’t walk across a street, oh no, 15 steps…

  • Paul Zografos

    he was probably parking on his own company lot, which is also right next to an empty handicap spot. It’s not illegal to park on your own property no matter where you want, as well as I’m sure he built enough “empty” handicap spots. Not to mention, he could have a handicap registration, he was very ill, and not being able to walk well isnt the main requirement for a handicap spot..

    (this coming from someone who hates apple)

  • Answerthis9999

    Well another rich smuck who thought he was too good to follow the rules.

  • twitter-182742809

    Not genius, a real man gets close to their car, and doesn’t give it away!

  • wow1234

    He did follow the rules. He followed California State Law…. What law did he not follow idot???

  • Fanya

    … Why?

  • Realst

    What a dick.

    People saying it can be debtated: No, it can’t. He was a dick. Had good business sense, but he was a dick.

    I don’t care that he was dying, sure death sucks, but EVERYONE dies. People are dying right now. Lots of people. Being a dick is being a dick, no matter the excuse. Because that’s what it is: An excuse.

  • Guest

    Wow the person who made the previous comment is a dick! He is dead… Fuck you twat!

  • WickedPolly

    The neck deep brown nosing can stop now. This guy was a dick.

  • merp

    you’re a fucking idiot. 

  • merp

    it’s like you don’t even read the article. Leasing is not the same as buying a new car.

  • Superstring

    I dont get why he is a genius for doing that, why didn’t he just buy the car and pay for registration. That is a hell of a lot cheaper than continuing to lease the same car over and over again, sounds pretty stupid to me.

  • Youmad

    I’m with everyone calling him a dick, not so much that he was a dick (I really have no idea about how he was in person), but I’m sick of hearing people putting him up on a pedestal near Einstein and other great minds, its almost insulting. He was just the head of a company that made extremely overpriced products and got filthy rich off of it.

  • Iwiw

    Yep, Steve Jobs doing what he did best. Exploiting.

  • Joe_is_a_legend

    can you imagine the sort of money that cost that could have been used for anything else, particularly charity. woopdedoo youre a hero jobs. 

  • Spinning


  • Lsjflsj

    wtf…steve jobs shouldn’t be parking in the handicap spots

  • duh

    he was dying from freaking cancer

  • Bª™ªN

    If he can drive properly he’s not considered handicapped. But if it is his parking lot I guess it’s alright.

  • Duderino

    Jobs was a douche. Pure and simple

  • Steve Jobs

    how is jobs a winner, he had to buy a new car every 6 months, granted he was minted. But having to pay ridiculous sums of money does not make you a ‘winner’

  • Jason Wells

    He probably got cancer from the new car plastics,smelling that new car smell,yes it has been linked to cancer,how ironic,Jobs thinks he was so clever,only to possibly get cancer from the new cars he was driving.Way to go Steve,genius -I don’t think so.

  • Jim

    What a dick. He had more than enough money to pay for parking, or any fines he ran up. Also parking in disabled bays when you are not disabled or even need the space is abhorrent.

  • Jacob Tyo

    He was dying of pancreatic cancer. Im pretty sure you can get a handicapped permit for that.

  • Jacob Tyo

    He was dying of pancreatic cancer. Im pretty sure you can get a handicapped permit for that.

  • Squideatingdinosaur

    Owned by Jacob.

  • Frank

    My guess is that he didn’t want a plate so he wouldn’t be identifiable when driving around. It would prevent people from following his car or trying to talk to him in the middle of traffic. Also it didn’t cost him that much, since the car probably had less than 50,000 miles on it each time he traded it back in and I’m sure the value of the car was put towards the new lease. This is a trivial fact, not a basis for calling him a moron, or jerk. Get over yourselves.

  • No More, No Less

    I can drive ‘properly’ as you put it…but can not walk a great distance without a great deal of pain from a degerative spinal condition.  Are you suggesting that I do not deserve / need a handicap parking permit???  What a moronic imbecile you are!!!

  • Jemsmith

    You can put any spin on it you want.  It is still an example of wealthy ass holes doing it to those of us who can’t get away with it.  Think about what the price of a tag does, part goes to road improvement, part to law enforcemrnt, part to safety inspections, by bypassing the price of a tag, he placed moer of a load on the rest (non wealthy) portion of the public.  Why has everyone idolised this spoiled asshole ?

  • Sross487

        Jobs had money, he was frugal, kind of a dick. we all know this. but he invented the world we live in. people getting on him because he didn’t techincally create the computer is like people trashing Ford for creating the original retail cars because he didn’t invent the wheel. he was busy inventing a world where people can do nearly everything from the palm of their hands. he didn’t give money to people who needed it because he was inventing technology that is needed to help those who needed it. as for the people bitching about him in the handicapped parking, just becasue the man could walk deosn’t mean he wasn’t handicapped. He had cancer and i doubt many of the people here can even imagine the pain he was probably in day after day. for him every step he took was probably wrought with pain.

  • patriots12

    Invented the world we live in? What the hell did he do but rip off of other people’s shit?

  • moose indian

    he was a prick and didn’t invent a single thing. he was just a con man. the only world he invented was the world of the cult of apple. dude got fired from apple because he was such an ass clown, god only knows  (who he didn’t believe in either) why they rehired him. what a dick move, spending boat loads of cash just so he could look cool driving a car without a license plate. i mean the idiot tried to cure his cancer with meditation

  • Penisflavian345

    he mad cancer for 10 years?

  • Pices101

    like every time the genius leased another car dude he paid taxes on it much more costly than a freakin plate

  • Pices101

    like every time the genius leased another car dude he paid taxes on it much more costly than a freakin plate

  • Pices101

    genius genius genius dont be a hater 

  • SlknAJfbkj


  • JP

    you’re missing the point to having a car without needing a plate on it. he wasn’t trying to be cheap. if you had the option to drive around without any plates, being able to avoid attention from psycho apple users, that idolized this man as their god; i think you would do the exact thing. 

  • Clifford Perelion

    Seriously stop sharing all the best secrets…….you want them to pass legislation to stop that now? AND LET THE MAN REST IN PEACE!

  • Nick Diieso

    Well…to be fair- just look for the SL55 AMG without plates…

  • Izfreak420

    Funny ive never heard of that being linked to cancer. Then again you probably think that smoking doesnt cause cancer. *smh*

  • Izfreak420

    Your argument is invalid because he was following the rules, or did you not read the whole article? He found a loophole and used it. Theres nothing illegal about that

  • Izfreak420

    Did you ever think that maybe he had a handicapped sign to hang from his rear view mirror since he didnt have a license plate?

  • Izfreak420

    Actually it could be. My grandfather had cancer and during the chemo he had a handicap pass because of how exhausted he would get walking short distances. My friend also has a handicapped sticker because of her autoimmune disorder, while it doesnt act up all the time walking long distances call still exhaust her and make her sick so she has one too.

  • Seppy232

    He doesn’t rip off other people’s shit, he takes a product and makes it better, and he has done this time and time again. It’s all in the spirit of competition which , frankly, can only make the products we buy better. The iPhone, iMac, macbook, and iPad are all products that other people had their own versions of before Apple, but it’s hard to argue that the apple versions of these products are worse than their competitors. I agree though that saying he invented the world we live in is a little bit of an exaggeration, but don’t rip on Steve Jobs just because he’s a great innovator. He obviously is a very smart person, much smarter than you or me, and besides, he’s got plenty of money, enough to buy a mercedes every six months. With that kind of money, and enough wit to find this loophole, i’m sure a lot of other people would choose to ride around in a brand new mercedes every six months with no license plate.

    And on a side note, i feel like the government of California would wanna fix this loophole in case someone might wanna use a car without a license plate to get away from the cops or something like that. I don’t know, just a thought…

  • Nairyhipples

    saying he invented the world we live in, is like saying ronald mcdonald invented the burger we eat, or something else as mundanely naive.
    He was a face to a product, a marketing tool. He had a job to do, and he did it. I’ll not deny him that, to take credit or to be given almost universally sole credit for apple’s businesses is laughable though, and to be eulogised as some kind of technological hero is even moreso.

    Da Vinci, Edison, Tesla, Meucci, their names have lasted, and will far outlast Steve Jobs in terms of contribution to humanity through invention.

  • anon

    What a jerk.

  • Guest

    People like you make me sick. Go fuck yourself.

  • Speaktodragons

    “he invented the world we live in”

    Maybe yours.

  • Fakeemail

    You left out the part about where people used to steal his license plate for fun.  He got tired of it, so he simply stopped buying plates. 

  • Alex

    just because one person doesnt buy a liscense that doesnt add any more of a burden onto anyone else, the price of everyone elses doesnt rise. you are dumb

  • scottperezfox

    Yes, but why?

  • whoever


  • YagDoo

    That dude really was full of himself wasnt he?

  • Hhdido

    what a douche

  • Bilbobaggins


  • Bilbobaggins

    Dead douchebag

  • David

    If you want to defend anyone parking in a handicapped space with out a need, then you might want to do some soul searching.

  • Headfirst4venom

    Whoa whoa whoa. Why does this make Steve Jobs a douchebag? So what if he wanted to have a plate free car? Believe it or not he was helping the economy by constantly getting a new car. Also, Steve Jobs developed Apple at the age of 21 and then was a HUGE contributor to Pixar animation. He was a great man. Highly doubt any of you have accomplished anything like he did. 

  • Josh McCullough

    Not believing in god is the only positive I can attribute to Jobs.

  • Sourav Chakraborty

    So a car without a number plate would be LESS noticeable than one with a numberplate? In the first case, you would notice only If you know his plate number, and in the second case, everyone sane will notice.

  • Josh McCullough

    So getting pulled over for not having a license plate and explaining why you don’t have one to the police is less of an inconvenience than having the dealer register your car ONE TIME? What an elitist prick.

  • Dfgdfg

    There is no date on the photo, but im sure anyone deserves a handicapped spot with late stage cancer.

  • Dashing Leech

    At best that makes Steve on par with a house-flipper. He doesn’t create. He doesn’t build. He sees things other people do, spit-shines them, and slaps on the Apple brand.

    No question that Steve was a marketing guru. He knew how to make people want things and to build a great brand name. He knew how to make quality important. That’s praise-worthy.

    But as for invention, innovation, and creativity, he couldn’t invent his way our of a paper bag, even with a pair of scissors.

  • Josh McCullough

    Looking for a car with a specific plate is harder than looking for one without one.

  • Josh McCullough

    Just because someone’s dead doesn’t mean you should ignore the negative. He was and always will be a dick and a douchebag.

  • Josh McCullough

    It was a good point. Shut your hole.

  • Josh McCullough

    Well there’s no plate on the back of the car in the shot so what’s your point?

  • Roslavszaybo

    What a dick

  • rarianrakista

    I was behind him once near San Mateo for a moment before I had to merge.    

  • rarianrakista

    He did not apply for it though.  

  • rarianrakista

    Loopholes are following the letter not the intent of the law.  

  • rarianrakista

    I am tallying it around 800 dollars he “avoided” in paying for his license plates.  

  • rarianrakista

    Because people who drive a lot prefer something they know the handling characteristics of?

    My sister has driven the same model of BMW for over 10 years now and has had 3 of them.    

  • Primos

    “Genius” is an inappropriate last word for any article that does not actually deal with true genius. Flipping your fucking lease out is not “genius”. Stop abusing the word.

  • mattrhysdavies

    Wow. That is really, really clever. Well done him.

    He may have progressed the technological world unfathomably, but this is not a stroke of genius. 

  • Ed Ray

    He did this because he thought the plates were ugly and took away from the beauty of a Mercedes. He wasn’t trying to avoid paying for plates. He was just a nut about art and design.

  • Ivan Ka Hei Tse

    Leasing a new one every 6-month? Well, he could afford buying a new one every 6 days.

  • AnotherDavid

    You have to register your car to get a disabled placard. No matter how much one “deserves” the spot, he was still breaking the law. Everyone one on the face of the earth deserves to eat, but you have billionaire jackasses like Steve Jobs what couldn’t care less about those millions, so why should the millions care about one jackass that thought he was above everyone else?

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    Genius? Hardly. People of average intelligence come up with ways to cheat the system all the time. This is just a guy with a God complex and enough money to follow it through. I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of wealthy people in California doing exactly the same thing, and they are *all* jerks.

    Mr Jobs proves over and over that his concern for fellow human beings ends at the front door of his family home. Everyone else can take a flying leap. He’s a terrible example of a Buddhist. Anyone following the teachings of Buddha should be appalled at this kind of selfishness.

  • George Grove

    Everyone knows those handicaps spots are rarely used. 

  • yorkdogger14

    Someone’s a PC user…..

  • proc_kcore

    Wow, your post title asks the question “Why” and answers the question of “How”… congratulations on being a good writer!

    That was sarcasm by the way.

  • Amit Kumar

    He parked in handicap spots most of his life.

  • Windows7

    What a fucking snide cunt, glad he’s dead.

  • Dasf

    He got the money with more than average intelligence.  I’m sure you own an ipod, iphone, or some form of technology that steve jobs is responsible for and if the man wants to not have license plates then why does he have to be a jerk?  Im sure the real Neil lives in his mothers basement and envies anyone with a good idea.

  • Seriously?

     None of you have anything better to do than to rag on a man who had cancer and just passed away?  I’m not sure any of you can call him anything.  The man was a genius and demanded perfection, that’s why your precious i phones and i pods are so bad ass.  Fuck all of you disrespecting douche bags, you don’t have to like the guy, but don’t call someone who just passed away a snide cunt, have some fucking decency

  • Bravesfan

     He’s the man, you right seriously.

  • Bill

    If he actually was in need of handicap plates which would have let him park in handicap spots, he should have put plates on his car in the first place.  No plates = no handicap spot.

    But something tells me his parking in a handicap spot has more to do with the fact that he was a megalomaniac and less any physical disability.

  • PowerJunkie

    Good for him!  WTF.

  • Nicolebybee

    some people just have way too much money.

  • Blarg

    what a dick

  • guest

    Just because someone is dead doesn’t mean they were a good person.

  • No-email

    Just another way for someone with more money than God to get out of paying like the rest of us and being an elitist prick. Good riddance.

  • No-email

    I had stage 4 cancer and never had a handicapped plate

  • Hellfire7885

    That’s no excuse to suddenly decide that being lazy is a handicap

  • Hellfire7885

    So he was putting form over function in all aspects of life.

  • Hellfire7885

    And is enjoying a reasonably priced computer that runs whatever he wants it to run.

  • Hellfire7885

    He took existing technology and made it popular. However he tried to make the buck stop with him by suing anyone who made anything remotely similar.

    Vowing to crush Android is about as anti-consumer as it gets.

  • Hellfire7885

    That doesn’t excuse him from following a law the rest of us have no choice in.

  • Hellfire7885

    Then he should have gotten his cars without windows, oh wait, that’s illegal too.

  • Hellfire7885

    An eccentric asshole is still an asshole.

  • Hellfire7885

    You have to have a license plate to legally get one of those.

  • Hellfire7885

    Tell that to my fibromyalgic mother every time we see a luxury car or huge pickup with no markings parked in those spaces.

  • Hellfire7885

    To me that means driving ONE car for a long time, not driving a new one ever half a year.

  • Hellfire7885

    The car still has windows, and Steve Jobs wasn’t a hard man to spot.

  • Hellfire7885

    Yet when it happens to us commoners we have to go through with buying a new plate

  • Kristopher Smith

    Get out of paying what? Sure he’s cheating by basically parking illegally, however, he owns the parking lot that he’s parking in and in this picture there is nobody parked in the adjacent handicap spot, so one might assume that he’s not really harming anyone by making a handicapped person have to park far away. And while you may think he’s an asshole for doing that, or as you said, an elitist prick, you do realize he created thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs for people right? Whether your a fan of his or not (by the way I’m rather indifferent, I don’t support or oppose him) you have to recognize that he has had a major positive influence throughout the world. You think that by parking in a handicap spot and getting away with it he’s somehow taking advantage of the system and fucking people over; but what about all those millions and millions of worthless fucks who sit in their mobile home watching tv all day and receiving an unemployment check (paid for by Steve Jobs and all the other people who pay their taxes) every other week. Somehow, I can find room to forgive this minor indiscretion of his. Maybe you’ll pull your head out of your ass and do the same.

  • fuck steve jobs

    hey cockbreath I don’t own any fuckin product made by this asshole and I never will. Dasf= Dumb Ass Stupid Fuck!

  • Christ

    Thousands and thousands of jobs for those sweatshop workers in Foxconn factories. You know, the ones who had to sign anti-suicide pacts.

  • demortes

    Macs can run Linux and Windows as well, so your “that runs whatever he wants it to run” is null and void.

  • SmarterThanYou

    ahahahahahahahaha, you think they manufacture apple products in sweat shops.  how cute

  • SmarterThanYou

    Sounds like someone’s bitter about going to community college and getting shown up by someone who attended college for a semester (talking about Steve Jobs here, not sure if your pea brain understand that).

  • SmarterThanYou

    Actually if you had a modicum of intelligence you’d realize how stupid your post is.  The title never asked a question, it says: “Why Steve Jobs’ Mercedes never had a license plate”.  Just, really quickly, quote the part of that quote that forms a question.  Oh wait you can’t, you’re an idiot.

  • really? wtf

    Of course the none Apple users are the dicks around here. Yes he might have broken the law but big fucking deal. A lot of people break the law. He found a “LOOP HOLE” There for there is no point in complaining about it. It doesn’t get you anywhere. Wasn’t that something we learned growing up? Or will I have to school some of you in that?

    Honestly, if you think this is one of the worse things someone can do that considers the law, something must be wrong with you. There are things far worse then this, yet you sit in-front of your computer screen saying “he’s a prick”, “glad he’s dead” and “he’s a rip off”. Guess not being able to use license plates is far worse then someone holding up a bank?

    Wonder how long your God Bill Gates has left on this world. If anything him and many others are copying what Job’s has done. They saw the products he made and how much people liked them. They saw money from his products. So if anyone is ripping off it’s Gates and many others. But of course Apple will always be one step ahead of them. Face it Apple products are far more better. The idea behind them, design, and technology is amazing. IF you saw some items that they have for the near future pretty sure you  would want one of the,

    I use to be a windows user, didn’t like the idea of going to a Mac. Took a month to realize they are far more superior on many levels. Overpriced? Honestly they aren’t. You get your money’s worth plus more.  You see more people having problems with PC’s then Mac’s. PC’s have to many bugs and problems. Mac’s slim to none, and if your not stupid the Mac you own can last years. Going on 4-5 years with my Mac. The only problem I ever had was with the screen. Besides that hardware and software have been excellent. 

  • Polishbojo

    I like Apple, I’m typing this on a Mac in fact. But seriously, the real reason was that Steve Jobs thought he was better than everyone else. Kind of a douche in some respects, but he makes a good product and knows how to run a business. 

  • Polishbojo

    It’s occurred to me that I wrote the previous in present tense, and it should be in past tense.  

  • Stevejobs

    Wow he’s so fucking cool. Thank God this guy is dead. One less arrogant fuck polluting the mind-scape. I hope he reincarnates as a herpes outbreak on Paris Hilton’s rotting asshole.

  • son, I am disappoint

     Steve Jobs was not known for innovations, but for his revisionism. There’s nothing wrong with redesigning off-the-shelf technology, especially not if you do it as well as Jobs did. But he wasn’t dabbling in the future, he was re-purposing the past.
    If you’re going to be a fan-boy, at LEAST be an INFORMED fan-boy..

    PS – Glad to hear about your hardware and software, broha. Maybe you
    could use your awesome hardware and software to access the internet in
    an effort to learn a bit of elementary English grammar? I don’t think
    you’re in any position to be “schooling” anyone in anything. So here’s a few free lessons:

  • Nothanks


  • Nothanks

    But it’s not reasonably priced, so YOUR argument is also null and void.

  • Nothanks

    What about parking in a handicap spot? Illegal to do without the proper tags, which he did not have.

  • Brad

    Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs – Bill Gates starts a charitable organization and pledges his fortune to charity, Steve Jobs parked in handicap spaces and was too cheap to register his vehicle…

  • davis

    what an incurable asshole

  • calvin

    (above)Exhibit A :

    Doucebag making a article that has nothing to do with mac vs PC’s into 1

  • SmarterThanYouThink

    With a name like “SmarterThanYou” I would have thought that you would use correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. It must be true that ignorance is bliss.

  • Qrfho

    Pretty sure he didn’t “innovate” anything.

  • Anonymous

    ahaha you think that they dont manufacture every single electronics  component outside of sweat shops. How cute.

  • TBH…

    how does him not using a license plate hurt, bother, of effect you whats so ever? its a loop hole that he figured out and got away with… big deal its a cool concept that if any of us could do we probably would. so what if he wanted his bad ass amg mercedes untrackable. if he’d actually done anything wrong in it theyd know how to find him anyway.

  • Jim

    Die and rot in the ground buddy

  • Four Nick Hater

    No thanks Steve Jobs already did for us.

  • Nathan

    Fuck everything about you, fucker. ‘Don’t complain, it won’t get you anywhere’? Christ, you really are a massive corporate tool.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    I just want to make it clear that the ‘fuck steve jobs’ guy who replied to Dasf’s message is definitely NOT me – I’m ‘Neil’ who Dasf was replying to and you would think is the only person expected to reply to Dasf here. I don’t know what Mr ‘Fuck Steve Jobs’ agenda is but he’s not me, for sure.

    Actually I don’t own any i-product, but I’ve put money in Jobs’ pocket in the past. I do believe that not wanting to have plates makes him both a lawbreaker, a jerk, and an arrogant ass who thinks he is better than the majority of workthless plebs who build or buy his products.

    Also, I’m 42 years old, with a sweet wife and 2 cool little kids, and I’ve been running my own software company for the last 5 years out of my OWN basement, thank you very much. I certainly don’t envy people with good ideas.

    But really, your last paragraph is just a pointless ad hom attack; it’s got nothing to do with my opinion of Mr Jobs or his trick to avoid having a license plate on his car.

    I find it pretty weird you can say that someone like Jobs has every right to avoid displaying license plates on his car if he feels like it. That’s not how the ‘rule of law’ works, and the rule of law is the single most important idea that the founders of the USA ever had. How can an American citizen cheer and clap for someone who clearly wants special treatment just because who he is?

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    Well, he was known for doing this for several years before he ever had cancer, ten years at least before he died. Regardless, if your cancer is bad enough to make a parking permit necessary, you shouldn’t be driving at all.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    I’m sorry, but your understanding of Job’s contribution to our lives is grossly distorted. I won’t argue against him being a visionary and his ideas about computer/user interaction were significantly ahead of the industry – but he didn’t actually *invent* a single thing himself. He hired the best and had no qualms about appropriating ideas from other companies if he thought they were promising.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    Sure, Macs *can* run Linux and Windows, but it’s hardly straightforward for most users, and having to boot a separate operating system to use certain apps is hardly convenient. It’s a spurious argument at best, and if that’s all you got, you’ve got nothing.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    I agree with most of your points, but I’d like to clear up the idea that this trick he used to avoid having plates was expensive. When you lease a car through a corporation, swapping it for a new ones every six months will cost almost nothing on top of the regular monthly payment. The finance company takes the old car back and re-leases it to a happy customer for a bit less than a new one would cost, then they send Steve a new one for the same monthly rate he was paying before. If he was a smart negotiator, he could probably be doing this at ZERO extra cost.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    He was a Buddhist, so he didn’t believe in a Christan-style god, but in theory be believed that Buddha was born out of his mothers *side* and she was a virgin. From my atheist point of view that’s really no better than any other religion.

  • scott

    he probably parked in handicap spaces because of the pancreatic cancer.
    Maybe this was soon after his liver transplant. But still- what an jerk for all that right?

  • Fuyka

    He never used to/too/two in any wrong way…. He didn’t use the term “schooling” but “school.

  • Fuyka

    Of coarse he had more money than god, nothing doesn’t have money.

  • Fuyka

    Lazy? The guy had fucking cancer, and he very well could have had a handicap sticker that can be placed ANYWHERE on your vehicle.

  • Fuyka

    “But really, your last paragraph is just a pointless ad hom attack; it’s got nothing to do with my opinion of Mr Jobs or his trick to avoid having a license plate on his car.”

    That paragraph about your worthless “software”  also was pointless and no one gives a fuck about it.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    Well, congratulations. Because I have no fucking idea wtf you are referring to, or why you even care, I guess you’ve ‘won’ an argument on the internet. There are few higher peaks a person’s intellect can climb, so go ahead and enjoy your victory. I’ll just slink away with my tail between my legs now, grateful that you let me off as easily as you did.

  • Jeff Irwin


  • Critterow

    There was a “Loop Hole” in the tax code that let Verizon (the calling company) pay ZERO taxes for Fiscal Year 2010.  They made well over a billion dollars and paid NONE of it back to the people who support them (tax payers). 

    By your logic, we should be saying “Go Verizon, exploit the system the fullest extent!” and it is thinking like that that has pushed America towards being a country of people that only give a shit about themselves.

    What you SHOULD be saying, is how come Steve Jobs, some guy with an absurd amount of money, gets away from registering his vehicle, paying the (especially for him) small fee, and waste his time at the DMV like we ALL have to. 

    Rich people setting the example that they don’t have to do this us “normal” people have to do is part of the reason for our country’s insane lust for money.  We should do the right thing by REMOVING these loop holes so that super rich people/companies who can afford to pay a lawyer to comb through books of laws cannot abuse the system like the 99% can’t.

  • Johnny Ancich

    Wait till you’re handicapped and some able-bodied A-hole parks his expensive car in your spot.

  • Johnny Ancich

    Hey! Hey! Hey!  Stop it!  I will not stand for you insulting Douchbag, by calling it a Steve Jobs!  (LoL)

  • VenVic

    Or . . . he could have gotten a plate; it must take a lot of work to tell the sealer not to do something he would do at no cost anyway.

  • Togarda

    Except for the fact that he owned the freaking place.

  • Johnny Ancich

    … not anymore.

  • handjobhighway

    You are absolutely correct neil.  That is the mount everest of intellectual accomplishment.  Proving to some fucktard that he isn’t worthy of being your fluffer at a sperm bank.  I don’t know you, nor do I have any feelings about you, but the other fucktard is right.  Your software company is probably dog shit.  The only decent basement run business involves three girls and a whole lot of kleenex.  Just thought I would let you know what a real ad hominem attack is…… fucktard

  • Ivan Ereiz

    The guy had cancer for the past 8 years. If fat people can get handicapped stickers so should people with cancer. I have someone in my family fighting cancer and all the therapies take a lot out of you and you can’t walk much or you are in a lot of pain if you do. 

  • Fleux

    … your point of view is negated, and your response has been a failure.

  • demortes

    It’s straight forward these days. You follow instructions on a publicly accessible website, turn around and enjoy it. Or you can use VMWare. For those that want a computer and fails to do their homework on that large of a purchase, they get what they deserve and would say the same arguments for mac and PC. So that’s all the argument I need.

  • demortes

    I consider it reasonably priced. Some of the same hardware in a PC could very well cost the same. Yes, there is a profit markup for the design and whatnot, but if other companies could get away with it, you know well enough they would. Either way, I care less about this conversation than I care for you, and that should say something as you’re an internet troll at best. (And even before you even comment that I replied and must care, I’ll note I came to turn off emails from this stupid thread and decided to review some of the comments on the Disqus homepage).

  • caleb m

    Man, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

  • Jon

    Your neighbor drives around without plates and parks in the handicap spot and he’s a douche bag. Steve Jobs does it and he’s a genius.

  • Dominick Evans

    I dislike the word handicapped. As someone in a wheelchair, I find it as discriminatory as your thought he was using the spot to be an a-hole. Honestly, he was fighting cancer, and it can be very taxing on a body, so if he was indeed using it for that reason, I have no problem with it.

    I have a progressive muscle disease and prior to going into a wheelchair full time it got VERY hard to walk long distances. I can sympathize with any who have long illnesses that tax them to the point where walking becomes very hard. Have some compassion. If he was parking there because he “could” then that IS rude and it IS upsetting, BUT if he was parking there because he needed to, who cares if he was using a Mercedes or an Escort. He needed the spot. Enough said.

  • Dominick Evans

    They also have wheelchair accessible vehicle placards that can be put in your windshield or hang from the review mirror. Those work just as well as license plates. Honestly, people KNEW about his car. I think it is WISE he did not use license plates. It allowed him to keep some anonymity. People could not recognize him by his plates.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    I don’t know where people started getting this idea that he was parking in that handicapped spot due to his cancer. He known for this 20 years ago.

    Here’s just one article from 1997 that mentions it:

    It’s interesting to note that they mention he stopped doing it after some apple employee put a sign saying ‘park different?’ on his car. The photo at the top of this page is obviously newer than 1997 (newer model merc) so he clearly went back to his old habits.

    It’s also worth noting that his trick for avoiding having plates on his car was mentioned in articles as far back as 1985. Somehow I doubt he needed it back then for anonymity. He just thinks he’s very very special; always has.

    I also found an interview with him, from 1990, where he talks about charity and spending some time in the near future figuring out how to give away most of his money. Strange that with so much advance warning of his impending death, he somehow never got around to that part. And he died about 200x richer than he was in 1990.

  • Guest

    Steve Jobs was a miserable, fucking cunt. I hope the cancer that ate him from the inside-out was painful. Actually, I wish that he were still alive, so I could beat him to death myself.

  • America

    Hey he’s giving those mercedes he drove great resale. Take that and his Fortune 500 company with the 3 years he planned out before he died and i’d say he’s doing better than Obama is.

  • Duhhh

    he pays more than all of us by trading in the used mercedes, he doesn’t just get a new one, he has to pay the difference every 6 months, more than your plates cost.

  • Annunci Incontri Torino

    he pwned the police :)

  • Annunci Incontri Torino

    he pwned the police :)

  • Jim

    I’m sincerely sorry about your illness, and agree mostly with what you say, but what do you recommend people use instead of handicapped. That’s about as p.c. as it gets

  • Rasa

    Or maybe he’s an asshole… anyone have the common sense to figure that one out? he wasn’t disabled. 

  • Sam

    How about before anyone else opens their mouth to say something stupid, someone figure out WHY he didn’t want a license plate in the first place.

  • Wayne Harrison

    But wouldn’t he have a temporary (paper) license that had to be in the rear window?

  • Wayne Harrison

    Except they COULD recognize him because he was the ONLY driver of a silver Mercedes WITHOUT plates.

  • Luv_plugg

    Dick or not, smart or not.  No person who has since past deserves the disrespect people have verbally vomited all over this post.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    I seriously don’t know how the fuck people keep harping on about him having cancer, so it was OK to park in handicapped spots. He was famous for using handicapped spots back in 1987 for fuck’s sake. He did it at his own office every single fucking day. Later on, after he was sacked and then came back a few years later, an Apple employee put a sign on his car saying ‘Park Different’ and he stopped parking there. For a week.

    I mean, the guy owns the company, so he could easily have just removed the handicap sign from one spot and put his own name on it instead… he could have had that done in a single day. I know you have to have a certain number of handicap spots per hundred employees, but he could easily have just added a new handicap spot on the end and turned the nearest one back into his own personal spot.

    It takes a pretty special kind of wanker to not bother with any of that, and take a handicap spot instead. Every day, for years, even when YOUR OWN EMPLOYEES are obviously pissed off about it.

    While I’m at it, I read today that Bill Gates released a statement after Jobs’ death, talking about the work they did together on the original Mac, how brilliant Steve was, etcetera… but in the official JObs biography that was released just a few days ago, Jobs describes Gates as ‘basically unlikeable, a weird guy, who never invented or contributed a single thing’. Real classy, huh?

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    Well, duh, the cars were all leased. I’m sure it’s piss easy to find a lease company that will agree to re-lease you a brand new Merc every 5 months and 29 days; the cost of each swap would probably be just a few hundred dollars for registration etc.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    Well, duh, the cars were all leased. I’m sure it’s piss easy to find a lease company that will agree to re-lease you a brand new Merc every 5 months and 29 days; the cost of each swap would probably be just a few hundred dollars for registration etc. I agree that he’s a tool, but the cost isn’t an issue.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    He was well known for both parking in handicapped spaces every single day, and having no plates due to this loophole, as far back as 1987. Yes, TWENTY years ago, a loooong time before he had cancer. Google lets you search the internet, and you can sort the results by date… in case you didn’t know.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    And your name fits right in.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    There are thousands of people in the USA who are very, very wealthy. There are thousands of people in the USA who aren’t necessarily that rich but they are celebrities who can’t go out in public without harassment.

    How do all these people who aren’t Steve Jobs handle this, without cheating on their number plates? I’m sure they manage it somehow.

    This idea that Jobs was special and being recognised in public was such a terrible burden for him is just a load of bullshit. Other people can handle it, so what made Jobs so special?

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    Sure, your sister has every right to think that one model of BMW is perfect for her, and buy 3 of them in a row. But the vast majority of people just get bored, and these days *any* modern car over a certain price will be guaranteed to have very good handling and computerised adjustment if you want to dial it in to suit you even more.

    Mercs are traditionally big boring cars for execs, or status symbols for people who know nothing about cars. People who are skilled drivers and driving enthusiasts don’t buy mercs very often. 

    Someone who changes cars every 6 months and just gets whatever is the top model of Merc every time for almost 20 years, is someone who just doesn’t give a shit about cars. It’s his prerogative of course, but as a car buff, it almost makes me cry.

  • Fucking Clever Cunt

    Jobs was known for parking like this for almost 20 years, a long long time before cancer ever cast it’s shadow on him. Google will tell you this in just a few clicks.

  • deep_dish

    The rich always abuse the law and mostly they are allowed to get away with it.

    It’s why the rule of law has broken down and it’s why society is breaking down, because the rest of us have had enough of it.

  • deep_dish

    Does the fact that they are dead make them immune to criticism?
    Are we supposed to say only nice things about the dead?
    What about that chap in Germany in the late 30’s?
    What about Stalin?
    What about Osama?
    Are we only allowed to say nice things about them too?

  • Jessanytrotter

    Introducing the iDouchebagparker

  • Guest

    That’s neither clever nor funny. It’s dumb.

  • Eric

    Mostly he pwned disabled people. More reason to hate apple.

  • Durrmerica

    what does Obama have to do with Jobs being an asshole?

  • Stephen W. Henkel

    You better not talk about Stalin or Osama. They’re dead man. That’s just mean.

  • Guest

    That motherfucker

  • Anonymous

    Yea, except he did have cancer. I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to park in a handicapped space. 

  • guest

    maybe the last couple months he would be justified parking there, but otherwise – douchebag.

  • guest

    You, ma’am, are a douche.

  • God

    Good riddance.

  • Laurence Sher

    He’s was a bit of a wierdo , in an unpleasant way it now appears…

  • Fukdapoor

    I hope they buried him ass-up so all you poor folks can kiss his ass. You guys are just jealous cause you can’t afford to do that. When we have the money to do stuff like this, who is gonna tell us we can’t?

  • Madmike0074

    He probably just wanted to avoid the paparazi from recognizing his plate.

  • Djsmywife

    Another Liberal wanting someone else to pay his taxes.

  • Nw1008

    Right – because the Silver Mercedes AMG without a license plate is so much more discrete than one with a license plate that someone might recognise…..meh

  • Bill


  • Daan

    how is this genius? licence plates exist for a reason, why is it so horrible to have one on your car?
    The picture shows the car parked in a handicapped spot, so I think mr. Jobs was kind of a douchebag…

  • Wwwf

    hahaha and you think that EVERY company doesn’t utilize the SAME manufacturers?? 


  • Www

    I fail to see how Jobs following the law makes him an elitist prick.

  • Bostontechgeek

    I’m not going to immediately write him off as a Dbag because he parked in the handicapped spot because we don’t know when this was taken or the extent his illness had progress at the time of the picture.  If he was ill and had a right to park there, then so be it.  If he wasn’t though, it proves that he is a pretentious asshole

  • jwp

    Typical American CEO, taking advantage of the system at the expense of honest citizens. Can’t say I’m surprised, nor too upset he’s gone.

  • Sarcasm

    lol bunch of retards finding out how world works or just hypocrites, get over it I’m pretty sure anyone in your family took advantage of something, cowardly or recklessly, I even did that and you will to or you already did… (yup! remember that time when… yes you do don’t act like a fool) world sucks grow up kids, and let the hypocrites answers begin :D ?

  • firrine

    whats the big deal? he found a loophole in the law and exploited it. thats fucking awesome. the dude is a genius. i wouldve done the same if i found that.

  • Sdfds

    His friend found it, not him.

  • JL9

    Jesus Christ. What’s the big deal? He’s did something you couldn’t afford to do and he’s considered a reckless CEO? It’s a very cool loophole to find but then again he did kind of screw himself because he must have been pulled over many times. Yes, he didn’t have to pay the fines but the hassle of being pulled over on a weekly basis probably would drive me to get a plate. That being said it’s a cool story and a nice car.

  • Joey

    How is this at the expense of anybody? He’s not hurting anyone and is probably stimulating the car manufacturing businesses.

  • Joey

    Godwins law anyone?

  • asjdh

    Wow, that’s sooo impressive. Going without a license plate is really awesome.

    Honestly, who cares?

  • shit-tits

    Glad he’s dead.

  • Adelbert Clayman

    I call bullshit!!

  • Matthew Grima

    no it doesn’t

  • Jobsus Christ

    Of course, every time he did get pulled over, all he’d have had to say was “Hello, I’m fucking Steve Jobs!” (Hey, neat, it’s Steve Jobs!) “Yeah, I found a loophole in your laws. Kthxbye.” Which gives him an advantage over most people regarding time-consuming run-ins with the law.

  • rebecca

    he might have drove dozens dozens or mercedes

  • Throne_of_terror

    Right, so “fucking awesome” to not have a plate on your car. And the point exactly? Pretty lame to take advantage of a system just so you can appear to be “cool”. Irresponsible is what it is.

  • Throne_of_terror

    Yes, jelousy is the factor here. Some people are just moral citizens and don’t do retarded things just because they have a disturbingly excessive amount of money.

  • Harry Cunningham

    “Awesome”? Sounds moronic to me. The more I hear about Steve Jobs, the more of a dickhead he seemed.

  • Harry Cunningham

    You can always rely on one idiot to make this sort of thing political. You, Sir, are that idiot.

  • StepnSteph

    I love how, if true, this dick regularly parked in a handicap spot and you sheeple are calling the guy a “genius”.  So much class.

  • DellaMorta

    He parked in a handicap spot because he had a  terminal illness…..

  • chickensintheyard

    that’s irrelevant unless he applied for and received a handicap parking permit. my mom has a terminal illness, but does not have a handicap placard…I can guarantee that she would get a ticket if she parked in a handicap spot. Its disgusting that being rich makes one above the law.

  • Jim Crow

    I see, a bunch of butthurt android fanboys trying making a huge deal out of the fact that he found a nice little loophole.

  • Kevin North

    You act like you knew the guy. Stfu

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    He’s parking in handicapped spaces that could have been used by, I don’t know… maybe someone who actually needs it?  I love apple fanboys who would probably even applaud Steve Jobs for committing murder. 

    On another note, you don’t find it disgusting that this guy wasted money on cars like this?  How have we become such a careless and wasteful society that we don’t see something wrong with someone replacing his car every six months so that he can park in handicapped spaces.  Whether he actually did this or not, the people who applaud this action make me want to throw up.

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    Take the silver spoon out of your ass kid.

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    …wow you’re dumb.

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    Better tell people to be nicer to Hitler then.

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    How did he “own the police”?  You think it’s hard to find the only car driving around without any license plate?  This is just wasteful.

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    The point is Steve Jobs is not above the law and should have to display proper handicapped plates and tags just like every other citizen does.  Having a lot of money doesn’t mean you get to do whatever the hell you want… at least it shouldn’t.

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    If you’re right then he should have displayed his handicapped plates and tags because without those tags you can’t legally park there even if you truly are handicapped.

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    Well you’re a dick, so that kind of refutes your first statement.  You obviously don’t know anything about computer hardware so I won’t go into too much detail but some of us need computers for more than just surfing the web.  The claim that macs are not overpriced is completely untrue, go to almost any PC retailer and you will find that you can get a windows computer with the same components as a mac for about 50-80% of what the mac costs.  The only reason you think PCs have bugs is because you are bad with computers and that’s why you need a mac because they have made them so limited that even a young child couldn’t screw them up.  So I guess I really can’t argue against morons like you buying your rip off macs but please keep it yourself.  No one cares that you have a mac except your other mac fanboy friends. 

    Also you do realize that everything you think apple “invented” are really reinventions.  To name a few ipod, iphone, and ipad.  Here are some links that prove what I just said: http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    So for every good deed I do, I’m allowed to do something wrong?  What a great concept!

    If you couldn’t tell I’m trying to say that you’re an idiot and your ideas are stupid and poorly thought out.  You really think that Steve Jobs hired people because he actually cared about them in any way?  You do realize that the point of a business is  to make money right?  People don’t start businesses because they really want to hire people.  They hire people so that they can make more money. 

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    That makes perfect sense.  It’s just like when I don’t want to be noticed I don’t wear any clothes.  That way no one recognizes me.

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    And you just called a bunch of people you don’t know at all douche bags…

  • Bolder Than Boulder

    Why do you think the rich deserve special treatment?

  • Enriko Lucas Menzies

    I could care less if you’ve got a handicapped sticker. Unless the person that the sticker was intended for is coming out of that vehicle, you’ve got no right to park in a handicapped spot. I can’t count how many people take advantage of this. Steve Jobs is no better, no worse, and no different.

    That said, he does this at Apple HQ and no one’s challenged him on it for years (to my knowledge). Of course, he could just have just gotten his own designated spot and called it a day. 

  • Enriko Lucas Menzies

    He owned the *place.* Not the police. 

  • Enriko Lucas Menzies

    One stepped down from his position and continues to use his wealth to contribute to the needy.

    The other kept his money and shut down all of his company’s philanthropic ventures for no discernible reason.

    Take a guess who’s who.

    Genius doesn’t stop you from being a douche any more than being a douche stops you from being a genius. Steve Jobs was a douche, through and through, and this is merely further evidence. The quality of an Apple product has little to nothing to do with this. 

  • albinoseamonkey

    Just because your mom didn’t apply for a handicap permit doesn’t mean Jobs didn’t.

    I’m not defending him, I’m just saying that just because your mom is too proud to get the tag doesn’t mean he consistently broke the law. After all, he was still within the law for this license plate thing. Why would he work so hard to keep true to that law but still unlawfully park in a handicap spot?

  • Dylan Miles

    How is it at the expense of anyone? He pays for the cars, so what exactly is he doing at your expense?

  • Dylan Miles

    Maybe you weren’t paying attention, but the man died of a terminal illness. You can’t see it in the picture, but it seems pretty likely that he had a parking pass.

    To your second “point” what the hell do I care what he spent his money on? It’s his money, he can waste it anyway he wants. What exactly is wrong with his personal choice to get a new car every 6 months? The money is coming out of his own pocket, so why exactly does it matter to you?

    And again, he may very well have had a handicap placard in his car. You are aware that just because he doesn’t have plates does not mean he cannot get a ticket for parking illegally right? The cars still have their vin numbers, and those numbers would be registered to him.

  • Dylan Miles

    I don’t think pretentious means what you think it means. As it does not apply to this situation at all.

  • Dylan Miles

    What the hell are you talking about? This has NOTHING to do with taxes.

  • Dylan Miles

    There is no moral issue here, the fact that some of you are getting mad about the fact that he had money to burn does indeed seem to indicate jealousy. As there is no righteous indignation here.

  • Dylan Miles

    No. Read the post again, the loophole states that he doesn’t have to have plates for 6 months. Paper or otherwise.

  • Dylan Miles

    Yes he was, he was dying of cancer. People with terminal illnesses are considered disabled.

  • Dylan Miles

    The dbag driving around without plates most likely isn’t doing it legally as Jobs was, nor does he likely have cancer.

  • Dylan Miles

    It’s accurate. You are handicapped. It’s factual, not discriminatory.

  • Dylan Miles

    I feel much the same way. I see obese people use handicapped spaces when they can get around perfectly fine. I’d rather a person with cancer take the spot than someone who just doesn’t feel like walking.

  • Dylan Miles

    Yeah, too cheap to register his car, but not too cheap to pick up a new lease every 6 months. Did you put any thought into that post at all Bradly? Did you also forget that the man was fighting cancer for 8 years and most likely did have a disabled tag?

  • Dylan Miles

    You’re an idiot. Pretty sure he paid WAY more for each one of those cars than you’ve ever paid to get plates for your car.

  • Dylan Miles

    Yeah, it must be a mental issue, not the cancer he fought for 8 years. Ignoramus.

  • Dylan Miles

    How is that any different from you suggesting Jobs is a dbag? It’s called hypocrisy kiddo. Look it up sometime.

  • henryklacostic

    I don’t believe it anyhow. How do we really know that this was Jobs car?

  • Jeremy Wicks

    steve jobs is a heinous faggot

  • linusbern

    Your point is stupid.  Nowhere in the article does it make mention of whether there is a handicapped tag on the car, and from the angle of the photo you can’t see front window to know for yourself, so you’ve just concluded that he doesn’t have them and is parking in a handicapped space to be an assh0le based on your imagination.

    If you want to criticize him, do it for real things, like the fact that he owns the place, could certainly have had his own spot anywhere he wanted, but chose to use one of the few handicapped spots instead.

  • Bob

    I hate apple and i still think you’re an idiot.

  • Jonathan Slater

    Doesn’t mean he can’t walk. 

  • Andy Barker

    A dying guy with a handicap sticker, that seems soooo unrealistic… he must be a dick…

  • A.

    He’s avoiding paying for the licensing of his vehicle. Everyone else pays it, why can’t one of the richest men in America pay it? States are strapped for cash, and this guy isn’t doing his part to help pay for the roads he drives on.

  • Rachel Veitch

    Soooo…what is the point of this?

  • Laura

    Being rich doesn’t make you above the law. It makes some people think they’re above the law. Get over your poor little self.

  • Laura

    Unless, you know, there are cops who are given in to childish hero worship. You get smart like that with a cop and they will find SOMETHING to ticket you for, no matter who you are.

  • Laura

    I’m no jobs fan, but I do want to kick all the “poor little me” people in the nuts. Welcome to America where anyone can make it. I’m pretty sure jobs put more money into the economy leasing and buying expensive cars than he would have by paying for a license. Maybe Jobs felt it wasn’t his job to support the state that has spent itself into free fall (Woo Hoo welfare for everybody). Every rich person isn’t the devil and if we had a decent president you’d know that. Jobs is an example of American exceptionalism but our current administration would rather stir up the spirit of envy than point that out.

    DaveRamsey.com  <-how I got rich.

  • Nick van Dorp

     how bout you all shut the fuck up. its apples private campus. theyre own property and since hes steve fucking jobs he can park in a handicapped spot on Apples campus. look at the space next to his. empty. not like the fucker is making someone in a wheelchair park a mile away.

  • Scott Beer

    I think cancer is considered a handicap

  • Tony Burlton

    Lot of false hero worship here abouts. Putting any human up for idolising is a bad idea and none more so than putting Steve Jobs on a pedestal. Close friends of Jobs have recently come out and admitted “his personality was suspect, he was forever lieing and twisting the truth” and what are we to learn from this. If you take his parasitic hopping from people he targeted as having brains and skill and using them to accomplish fees for him from big business and then pretending they hadn’t paid the full fee so he could then get them to work on other projects and hop to the next person. If you look at the way sales faltered under his control in the 1980’s to the point the board canned him.
    You might say “he was a true business man, he was charismatic and sure he wasnt always truthful and shook things up”. But not always being truthful is along way from a habitual liar and where did Mr Jobs fall on that scale? Looking at his disrupted early life and kid parents that didn’t want him. His adoption following the earliest emotional connectedness that would have been unforthcoming from kid parents that didn’t want him prior to adoption. What happens when you combine a high IQ with psychopathy? Psychopathy born of missing emotional needs in what becomes then a dulled brain to emotional sensitivity? The kind of guy that enjoyed scaring employees in the lift and leaving them wondering if they still had a job – the kind of guy that looks for loop holes so he can have a sense of shitting on society – the kind of guy that would get a perverse kick out of parking in a handicap parking bay. So you may say “well he’s not the only one!” yeah you may say that – psychpaths make up 1% of the population though its estimated there may be a higher number at the top of organisations. But not every leader is a psychopath so may be we should watch out and deal with those that are?

  • peace envoy

     anyone interested in psychopathy… might be one?

  • peace envoy

     most honest reply, ty

  • Mark W. Mumma

     What a bunch of brain washed idiots you all are crying about the 1% vs the 99%.  I’m in the 53%.  The “percent” that pays for all you cry babies.  The fact is, you have a certain amount of time in any state before you have to get a permanent tag for your auto.  It’s the same amount of time for everyone whether you’re Steve freakin’ Jobs or a poor college kid.

    Grow the ‘eff up and stop whining and DO SOMETHING with your lives.

  • allen coe

    And now he is dead, possibly kharma for habitually taking a handicapped persons parking spot.

  • recyclops117

    Are you kidding. You think karma would kill him for parking in a handicapped spot? Wow that was the stupidest comment I’ve ever read I’m sorry.

  • 5imo

    well you clearly dont know how Karma ‘works’ then!

  • Tony Rosiles

    Who gives a shit?  About ANY and ALL of the above.  I feel dumber for letting my curiosity lead me to reading this.  Get lives people!

  • David Underhill

    6 months. In Good Old aussie land you have less than  6 Minutes. Here the supplied number plates have to be affixed before leaving the Transport Dept. Office where you picked up the plates from. 
    California is slack allowing such stupid loopholes.

  • noshitgiven

    I am so glad I don’t care and feel so sorry for all of you who have to be right. It must wear you out.

  • Scotty Fenn

    You people talking shit are mad you can’t afford to buy a car every 6 months, let alone every 6 years. Broke ass haters.

  • Jhabril Harris

    I don’t see the problem. If you parked the spot on APPLE’S campus (the company he owns), I don’t understand the karma or the legal issues. I doubt many handicapped people work at Apple anyway, too much business to be done for others to be slowing them down.

  • TopAgentWebsite

    haha, thats wicked smart.

    I wonder if there is a similar loop hole here in UK hmmmz ;)
    Regards Caroline,
  • Steve Kruckheimmer

    That doesn’t really answer the question. The answer to the question is: because a license plate ruined the esthetic of the car, and to Steve, being esthetic was more important than being legal.

  • cabinessence

    Genius? Ummm, even if one is mega rich, leasing every six months is a waste. Also, he’s a jerk for parking in the handicapped space. Let’s call a spade a spade.

  • Michael Robert Downs

    Hahah, stickin it to the man money style.

  • mehdfsagahf

    “That doesn’t really answer the question. The answer to the question is: because a license plate ruined the esthetic of the car, and to Steve, being esthetic was more important than being legal.”
    Really ! because in that photo above the gap where a plate should be looks a lot worse than if the car had plates on,

  • [S]unjay

    Wow, that was smart.