The Many Fruits Of The iPod Family Tree [Infographic]



iPod 10th Anniversary: To celebrate the iPod’s 10th anniversary on Sunday October 23, we’ve been running several special features which we hope will allow our readers to look back at Apple’s most iconic product with fun and fondness.

Over the last ten years, the iPod has gone from a single device designed to hold your MP3s to a family of devices that have literally revolutionized the music industry.

As part of our iPod 10th Anniversary Celebrations, we put together this family tree infographic so you can look back at all of the iPods that have come before, and helped get us to where we are now: the future of digital music.

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  • YoMTVRaps


  • FriarNurgle

    Tree branch size should represent the device sales.   

  • Poggy Monster

    Yeah, but then you’d have a skinny ass tree with huge branches.  It’d look a bit weird.

  • Cameron Leask

    No iPod U2?! 

  • Neil Otto

     Obviously with out the ipod there would be no iphone, where is that branch? 

  • Connor Mulcahey


  • Jmagana88

    I came to own my first iPod back in 2006 and it was the Aluminum white Nano… I loved it and after a year of having it I resold it in order to buy myself the 5th Gen iPod with video, had it for 4 years and just at the beginning of this year upgraded to the 4th Gen iPod touch… That’s my bit of experience with the iPod.