How to Edit Your Conversations With Siri on the iPhone 4S



Siri is the intelligent assistant that comes with the iPhone 4S. You simply hold the iPhone’s Home button and speak your question or command — Siri does the rest.

While the obvious benefit of Siri is the handsfree aspect of voice technology, you can actually edit your Siri conversations the good old fashioned way with your keyboard.

If you speak a command or question into Siri and realize that you want to change your request, simply tap the field that displays your spoken text. Your iOS 5 keyboard will then pop up and let you change your query.

Resubmitting your request will cause Siri to give you an updated answer.

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  • Codex

    At least in the german version you can spell difficult words or phantasy words as in some song-titles. You can either say the letters but you can even use the “letter-words”. e.g. in german to spell SUN you could say: “S wie Siegfried, U wie Ulrich, N wie Nordol”. Maybe this works with “C like Charly” and so on…

  • Topypunk

    Ask it the meaning of life!!!!! Best phone ever!!!

  • Jpicc2

    If you prefer to Siri to call you something else, you can tell Siri to “call me [name]” and she will call you that.  Also, if you want Siri to know your relationship with people in your contacts tell Siri “[Name] is my wife”, and Siri will know that the [name] is your wife so you can just say, “Siri call my wife”.  Pretty interesting stuff.

  • Doug

    When I changed to British English rather than US (where I live) it stopped being able to give directions as it thought I was in the UK. This could be a little problematic for foreign residents on the US.

  • kavok

    Yes I wish you could select the dialect without having the location data associated with it.  I much prefer the british voice, but can’t use it because it isn’t fully activated yet. :(

  • Andrew

    Apple says that Siri gets to learn your voice as you use it.  Well my children have been mucking about with it all weekend – so does any one know if there is a way of reseting the database?

  • C++

    ” You simply hold the iPhone’s Home button and speak your question or command”
    “While the obvious benefit of Siri is the handsfree aspect of voice technology”

    Granted, it’s a nit…
    But which part of “hold the iPhone’s Home button” is handsfree?

  • Shermanus

    That would be fine if Siri were online. however, Siri is mostly not working here in California on Sprint. The fix (Siri off – Network Reset – Siri on) worked only sometimes. Since last night (Monday) no Siri at all. As far as I am concerned, having a 4 as well, this is one of the highlights that made me buy the 4S. Sri is impressive when it works, and the way of the future. I could understand that with 4 Mio 4S out there and everyone going on Siri at once, the servers could have a problem similar to a DOS attack. Apple needs to at least acknowledge the problem. That would put me at ease.