I Took A Joyride With Steve Jobs And It Was The Fastest Ride Of My Life [Me & Steve Stories]



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Steve Jobs loved to drive fast, and even late in his life, it wasn’t an uncommon sight to see him zooming down the highway at breakneck speeds to the Cupertino campus. Back in 1979, though, Stephen Stapleton got a joyride that he would always remember from Jobs… all in a breakneck search for Woz!

Stephen writes:

Just after I graduated college in 1979, I got a job running a movie theater owned by Steve Wozniak.

My apartment on Valley Green Drive, by sheer chance, was just down the street from Apple’s Mariani Avenue offices. I was by there constantly to get Woz to sign checks or contracts.I wasn’t entirely sure what this thing called Apple did there, but the people were nice enough.

One afternoon, I needed something signed quickly and Woz was nowhere to be found. Jobs was barrelling down a hallway and I shouted to him if he knew where Woz was. He whirled around, told me he was driving to meet Woz, and if I wanted to go, he’d drive me.

Off the two of us went in his car. I drive like a madman, letting nothing stop me, and so did Jobs. He drove with a manic concentration and we didn’t talk, but we were there in a flash.

I told him he was the best driver I’d ever ridden with.

Steve just smiled and pointed to where Woz was.