Me and My Mac: Pictures Of Readers And Their Apple Gadgets! – Round One [Gallery]


Blake Johnson in the reflection of his iMac
Blake in the reflection of his iMac
Mac the dog perched on Sam's Mac Pro
John and his 15" MacBook Pro
Lester and his 13" MacBook Air
Lester and John with their new Apple gear. They just happened to be wearing the same shirts that day.
Toby and Felix with their dad
Toby with his titanium Powerbook

We want more submissions for the Me and My Mac series! To have yourself featured on Cult of Mac, send in a picture of yourself with your Apple gear by emailing us here. Try to think outside of the box!

We’re looking forward to round two!

  • Chris

    you have switched the descriptions of john and lester


    like it..

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  • Cold_dead_fingers

    I think I will participate on this the next time one comes around.

  • Techy8789

    I like the baby with the shuffle :p

  • djrobsd

    Blake is hot. LOL

  • mlahero

    Loving the tibook, I find it amazing that Apples competitors still can’t match the build quality of the old powerbook after all this time.

  • Abuyaqeen

    I love “the Peterson family” picture !!

  • Joyce

    Love the Peterson’s and love apple!!!!!