Google Chrome Updated With Lion’s Full-Screen Mode and Animations


Screen Shot 2011-09-16 at 5.13.30 PM

Google has updated Google Chrome for Mac with support for features in OS X Lion, like full-screen mode and disappearing scrollbars. This specific release has been available to members of the browser’s developer channel since August, but Google has just now released it as a stable upgrade for everyone.

The new build of Google Chrome is available in the “About Google Chrome” menu option. Google will prompt you to install the update and then restart your browser.

Once you’ve restarted, you’ll have access to Lion’s animations, full-screen app mode, and disappearing scrollbars.

This new Chrome build also includes several features for developers, including Web Audio API and Native Client. Web Audio API lets developers add “fancy” audio effects, and Native Client finally brings the ability to execute C and C++ code.

Let us know what you think of the new version of Google Chrome in the comments below. Have you discovered any bugs?

  • Gen Arron J Hunt


    Looks like it also has the option to hide the tabbar/url in fullscreen. Nifty!

  • Dknkq

    pinch to zoom and double tap zoom doesn’t work like in safari. Wishing in Google Chrome 15…

  • tb

    How about back/forward swipes?

  • chaseepoo

    does it let you use gestures to go back?

  • VigTheGeek

    Mine does not have those features and tells me I’m up to date. What is the build number? I’m showing 14.0.835.163

  • frank

    anyone?? i want to know this too.

  • Eric Harrington

    same here.

  • Tom Oakley

    I hope on Chrome 15 you can peak on the page ‘back’ in your history and the full screen view gets a small upgrade, because right now when you hide the toolbars, it has an extra grey bar above the toolbars which is annoying.

  • Gregintosh

    Does Chrome synch bookmarks with MobileMe/iCloud? Or is there any work around for that? That’s the one thing that is stopping me from switching away from Safari, as I do a lot of internet research and like to bookmark A LOT of pages.

  • JMattP

    I’ve been using Chrome Beta (14.0.835.163) and I’ve been able to use two finger swipe to go back.

  • JMattP

    Are you running Lion? I’m using Lion and the beta version (which is now the same version as this new stable release) and it’s all there.

  • djrobsd

    Well I waited and waited and this is all they could give me.. What a shame.  NO double tap to zoom… Pinch KIND of works with the magic track pad, but its not very smooth or quick.   And sorry, but no you don’t get to swipe back and forward… Guess I’ll just use Chrome for limited things…

  • VigTheGeek

    Yup. Running lion. All latest updates. Chrome doesn’t want to update.

  • shherr

    swipe back/forward works fine for me…

  • Murali

    That is working fine for me…

  • Vimba

    3 fingers left. nothing changes in last year.

  • Jeremy

    When I go to full screen I cannot access the URL search box, bookmarks tabs, or browsed tabs but moving my mouse to the top of the screen.  Moving mouse to top of screen just brings up the Chrome – File -Edit – View etc menu bar so have to leave FS to get URL bar to pop up… what am I doing wrong? 

  • Jeremy

    You have to change your swipe settings in system preferences, there is plenty of discussion about this on mac forums… Think it involves changing to swipe between pages with 3 figures in system perferences

  • MiosLaurie

    safari doesn’t have competitor yet. I’m waiting for chrome 15

  • facebook-602274890

    i can’t get it up update either.  Go figure.

  • Californiamacpro

    I knew it since yesterday!!! Very good news for mac users in the world! 

    and chrome is now better that Firefox or Safari.

  • Hobbes313

    When in fullscreen and in gmail, I click on popup the new email window, and it pops, and mac’s desktop moves to another one and chrome dissapears! the poped window opens behind the full screen one, and since in full screen hot corners dont work, i cant easily access the new poped window!! any help?

    I also can’t reach the address/search bar in full screen mode, it dissapears and as I move the cursor only the FILE menu shows.

    This is really bugging my regular workflow =/
    I dislike this update!

  • Cjuon16

    What if I *don’t want* disappearing scroll bars. How do I turn that feature off and make them persistent?

  • Vimba

    System Preferences -> General -> Show scroll bars -> Always

  • Joel Carpenter

    Me too! Any fix yet?