AppleCare Reps Expect iOS 5 and iCloud To Land On October 10th



There have been a lot of dates floated around for when Apple will release iOS 5, but if this report is accurate, the date you should be circling on your calendars is October 10th. Why? Because Apple expects to start getting a lot of tech support issues on that day.

According to a source speaking to Apple Insider:

Apple has reportedly informed its AppleCare division to expect an influx of iOS-related inquiries from customers beginning Monday, Oct. 10, perhaps signaling when the company plans to release iOS 5 to existing device owners.

For instance, one person familiar with the matter said his local AppleCare call center has been told to expect an eightfold increase in customer calls on that day, and that staff are being advised ahead of time for the increased traffic.

The person could not say with any certainty what will be released on that Monday, but noted that the increase in call volume is related to iOS. This led them to speculate that Apple could release iOS 5 and iCloud on Oct. 10.

October 10th is a Monday. I’d say this information pans out nicely: Apple releases the iPhone 5 on October 7th, as widely rumored, then pushes iOS 5 and iCloud to the rest of us on Monday, allowing tech support a full week to field calls.

Makes sense to me. What do you think?

  • Jamesshorten88

    Makes no sense they would debut a new phone, which is the most anticipated phone in the world, without its brand new OS. I agree with everything else you’re saying, but as far as the iPhone 5 release goes, whether it’s October 7th or 14th, or whenever…you can be sure it will be shipping with iOS 5 right out of the gate.

  • ffred

    Ohh, would love that! Hoping to see a GM soon though…

  • SapirKraus

    Apple releases iOS to the public before the actual device,or on that date, so releasing the iPhone BEFORE the release of iOS 5, is a bit weird.

  • macintude

    Apple always releases iOS before the device. It doesn’t pan out nicely the way you suggest, rather it suggests an October 14th/15th hardware date.

  • hosinuari

    and the people with brains know both are true 

  • FriarNurgle

    Throwing darts at the calender is fun. 

  • joewaylo

    Apple’s getting slower by the day.

    September 23rd now October 10th? It’s killing the suspense. We’ve waited 3 months already. Come on. Last OS was April to July, this one is June to October.

  • Andkonarcade

    After beta 8, Apple will introduce a Gold Master build on or around
    September 23rd as has been rumored. We believe that build is what will
    be loaded onto the already-assembled iPhone 5 hardware currently waiting
    for final software in China.

  • Morgan

    I sure hope so!

  • Benjamin Tyler Wallace

    I wish it was sooner the October 10th, I’ve been waiting way to long for the realse Since I have heard of IOS 5 and it’s features, a few of which I like 

  • BB Caspian

    October 5th, get it?

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