Apple’s Online Store Is Down! Surprises In Store?



The Apple Store is currently down. Nothing is rumored, AFAIK, but we all know that Apple loves surprises. Let’s hope it’s something big!

Anyone got any wishes?

Thanks Steven in Settle.

  • Chase Hausman

    Could that pun have been any worse?

  • Nickstg1

    could it be that iOS 5 is coming out!?!?!?!!!

  • Chase Hausman

    Is iOS 5 in the store?

  • tanker5

    lacie thunderbolt drives.

  • Nickstg1

    I am not sure about that but i seriously hope that it is!!! i keep refreshing the apple store web page waiting for it to come back online so i can see if iOS 5 is there! 

    If you here of it being there please post it here!!!

  • Nickstg1


  • reganmac

    macbook air 15″

  • Charles

    The GM beta hasn’t been released so I doubt it.

  • Nickstg1

    What is the GM beta?

  • Camerongerardy

    its the Golden Master version of iOS5 that is the final version of beta’s and probably also the version where we can update to

  • Vancouverjunkie

    New mac book airs on canadas apple store sight with lion and thunderbolt. nice

  • Twitboydk

    IOS 5 is not in a store. It´s an update :-P

  • Ian McLoughlin ?

    I got one in July – they are wonderful and gorgeous pieces of art and technology combined! :)

  • TylerHoj

    I hope they silently release the new iPod line and use the fall keynote to focus on iPhone 5 and iOS 5. OR maybe they are discontinuing the iPod Classic before the release of the new iPod line? Probably just an update to the site though, like a roll-out of the twitter/facebook links internationally. 

  • Commonman

    It better be the Mac Pro with a Thunderbolt motherboard!

  • Freeman654

    I don’t know if this even matters but I checked my chase account and amazon refunded my money on an order I made two nights ago

  • Thermostat9

    Ordering what?

  • Chris

    they wouldn’t bring the store down for new third party products…then the store would have to be down much more often

  • Simple Simon1973

    hello, i am from france!

    my english is still a bit carzy, do please be nice when i make my mistake.

    my feeling are, as usual, it would be good to see all mac have a very nice photographic of steve job on them. example: photographic of steve job on top of macbook. example: photographic of steve job on back of iphone. example: photgraphic of steve job on side of mac pro.

    hello from france!

  • TylerHoj

    It was just an update to the Back-To-School Ad I think…pretty sure they just slapped a Sept 20th end date.

  • Atomicpalmtree

    Oh it was just the OSX lion thumb drive :/

  • El Prinz

    I’m not sure because I’m not so familiar with the Apple Store, but the layout of some pages seems changed (for example the ipad one) and I can’t see delivery times anymore.

  • Ruchir Purohit

    its online to me. i dont see any difference… false alarm?

  • Guillaime

    All the shipping times have vanished? Everything just says ‘In stock’.

  • mikahsargent

    I’m fairly certain that they removed the “Ships In …” information from all of the products. Is it just me? Each item (except the 12-Core Mac Pro) says “In Stock,” and nothing else.

  • Xenoman

    This is what I noticed also, it just has “In Stock” listed instead of when the item is expected to ship.

  • Chris

    They don’t want CoM to predict release dates :)

  • Chris

    they had it already sicne a month or so, sorry pal ;)

  • patelpranay1

    It will started soon. They also have some reputations. So everyone don’t get worry. Specially Im also get ennoyed with it but what we can do? It’s all done with apple. :(

  • joewaylo

    From what I can tell, they removed the “6-8 Weeks” in part. It will show back up if you customize a Mac.

    Open a MacBook in the store, then change the configuration a little. It starts showing the amount of days it’ll take to complete then ship. The first item above, being the intel processor, sufficed to say it’ll take 2-4 Days until it ships the MacBook.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the old times actually meant “Arrives in 6-8 Weeks”.

  • joewaylo

    Something tells me Mac Pro won’t be there much longer. As Apple leans towards portability aka “Post PC”, they’re leaning away from Macs slowly. But we may be in store for it to be updated. Who knows.

    They did silently kill off the white MacBook as it’s far formerly successor.

  • lu.

    Swiss store is cheaper than before!

  • lu.

    Swiss store is cheaper than before!

  • Chase Hausman

    A new Macbook Air 15″

  • heeloliver

    and not the apple logo? good job on your english, by the way :)