Fortune Reporter Authoring New “Inside Apple” Book That Tells All



Fortune Magazine’s Adam Lashinsky will be penning an upcoming book titled, “Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works.”

The book will be an “expanded” look at Lashinsky’s well-read article of the same name from earlier this year. As one of the Silicon Valley’s premiere reporters, Lashinsky’s new book will be sure to permeate the inner workings of Apple in a new and refreshing way.

AllThingsD reports:

“Lashinsky said in an interview today he did not garner Jobs’s help on the book, but did manage to get a deep inside look at the company.

“Doing an unauthorized book is harder,” said Lashinsky. “But what you get is well-reported information, which is outside the message Apple wants to deliver, and there is so much good stuff, this company is worth far more than an article.”

Lashinsky has authored many well-read articles on Apple, including a now-timely piece from 2008 about Apple CEO Tim Cook called, “The Genius Behind Steve: Could the Operations Whiz Run The Company Someday?

Inside Apple promises to dish on “how Apple creates killer products, forges intense bonds with consumers, and gets what it wants from suppliers … the lessons about leadership, product design and marketing are universal, and they should appeal to anyone hoping to bring some of that Apple magic to their own company, career or creative endeavor.”

The official Steve Jobs biography, by famed biographer Walter Isaacson, is scheduled to hit shelves in November. A release date for Inside Apple has not been given.