Merge New and Old with an iVictrola iPad Dock, No Electricity Required



For those who love their iPads but miss the warm, muted sounds of a 78rpm phonograph, feast your eyes on the iVictrola iPad dock. A successor to the iVictrola iPhone dock a few years ago, this acoustic amplifier uses the speaker outputs of your iPad and an antique Magnavox phonograph radio horn to playback anything from Bix Beiderbecke to Lady Gaga – no electricity required.

The wooden dock couples the iPad to the horn and acts as a megaphone, amplifying sound the old fashioned way. Simple and elegant. But reverting to the acoustic glories of your grandparents won’t come cheap: limited quantites are supposed to be released for $985 this November from Design Within Reach.

Does that also come with an app for introducing pops and scratches into the playback?

[UPDATE: several people have contacted me to point out that this is actually an old radio horn, not from a phonograph.]

[via Ubergizmo]