HP Is Ready To Throw In The Towel To Apple, Give Up On Making PCs [Report]



In a move similar to when IBM sold off its PC and laptop business sold it to Lenovo, HP is reportedly on the verge of spinning off its PC business in order to focus on cloud-based software and enterprise services.

That means the world’s largest computer maker may be about to exit the game entirely, and small wonder: Apple’s been beating them to a bloody pulp. Making Windows PCs is a low margin game, and Apple’s pretty much the only company in town that isn’t experiencing negative growth.

Seemingly to shore up its platform of service, HP is looking to buy European infrastructure software company Autonomy for as much as $10 billion.

HP has confirmed they are in talks to buy out Autonomu, and also say they are exploring “strategic alternatives” for its PC business, including a “full or partial separation of PSG from HP through a spin-off or other transaction.”

Boy, were Touchpad sales really that bad? Oh, right: yes they were.