Jumvo App Group Messaging App Connects You Across Time Zones


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If you’ve got far-flung friends and family, Jumvo may be just the ticket for staying in touch.

The group messaging app, offered gratis in iTunes, is a handy way to contact lot of people via voice message with minimal effort.

If you’re a fan of competitors GroupMe and Beluga, this may sound familiar.

Jumvo says its edge is full Facebook integration, so without having to recreate your social network (hello Google +), you could, for example, record a voice message for everyone on your “Barcelona” Facebook list with details on your upcoming visit.

Designed for the harried and perennially distracted (and possibly those who can be jolted out of apathy with the lime green color scheme), you can use it without having to look much at the screen.

Taking advantage of the iPhone proximity sensor, the app begins recording your message once you hold the phone to your ear. And, there’s a push notification option whenever a voice message is received.

It’s currently offered in English and Japanese and supports iPhone4/iPhone3GS.

If you check it out, let us know if it makes scoring a ride to the airport any easier.