The Apple Store is Headed to Alaska, 5 Retail Locations to Open this Saturday


apple glacier

In the land where you can see Russia from your front porch, Apple will open its first retail store. That’s right, Alaskans will soon have access to all of the retail goodness that Apple has to offer. A new location is set to open in the 5th Avenue Mall in Anchorage this Saturday.

Separately, Apple is also set to unveil four more stores this Saturday, including another US store and three international stores in Canada, Australia and Italy.

Even though Apple has finally set its retail gaze on Alaska, 9to5Mac notes that there are still seven US states without a single Apple store. These states include Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

On top of the announcement of an Alaska location, Apple is set to open four more retail locations this weekend. Locations include:

Apple has begun an aggressive expansion of its retail presence worldwide, and with the unveiling of these five new stores, Apple has 23 more retail locations to unveil before it can reach its goal of 30 new stores by September 30th.

(via MacRumors)

  • bluelittlegirl

    Alaska gets a store, yet Princeton still doesn’t have one? How does this even make sense (financially or otherwise)?

  • Tiago De Almeida Schmidt


  • Forest Walker

    I don’t know which Princeton you’re talking about, but I doubt it is a five day drive to the nearest Apple store… Which is what it has been for Alaskans.

  • Dominique Griego

    I live in Fairbanks about 350 miles from Anchorage, so… folks in the lower 48 should piss off..Its the only one in the whole state! We have SEVERAL Mac based resellers up here, a official Apple Store will do very well. 

  • bluelittlegirl

    I wasn’t trying to deprive you of one; I was attempting to make a point based upon the manner in which Apple chooses its store locations.

  • koimaster

    Obviously you’ve never worked for a retailer in Alaska during the Permanent Fund Dividend season. It makes sense (financially or otherwise).

  • bluelittlegirl

    Well, it’s apparent that I owe all of you an apology for my ignorance. I am very sorry to have made such a horrible assumption. If any of you would like to educate me, I would very much appreciate it. My point also has not been expressed well at all.

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Al

    I’m sure Apple will want one in Princeton. The answer is probably this: They often seem to wait until the “perfect” location opens up. Until then, they seem pretty happy to wait… even a few years!

    Case in point: In my city, Newcastle UK, it seems Apple waited many years for a long-awaited posh new Mall extension to be built before opening the first store here. This is despite my city being tipped as one of Apple’s original target cities for this country. They did the exact same thing with the city’s second store, they waited until another mall finished a large renovation that had been planned for many years.

    So we waited years and years for _anything_ to happen, and then ended up with TWO stores in little over 12 months!

    A more well-known example would be The Louvre in Paris. Apple waited a long time for that to open up!

  • bluelittlegirl

    Wow, I have rarely been such an ineffective communicator. It’s apparent I should shut up when it comes to everything. The more I try, the less well I make my point.

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Brian Moore

    WOOT WOOT!!! about 4 blocks away from our apartment…

  • manda907

    I’ve known about this store since before it had construction even started ;-D I also know who helped to do the initial structures inside the store and saw photos of the beams being brought in through the side of 5th Ave Mall – quite impressive indeed. 

    It’s a huge thing and Alaska has a huge Mac user base, especially in the educational sector here so this will be a good thing. 

    The only bad thing will be for the local resellers.

  • shucai45
  • WorldsHotCake

     Apple open 5 stores ahead of iPhone 5 launch