The Wait Is Almost Over! Apple Confirms That OS X Lion Will Be Available To Download Tomorrow!



It’s confirmed. Apple has just announced that OS X is officially launching tomorrow! It was confirmed by no less a person than Apple’s Peter Oppenheimer! He didn’t mention a time, but 8:30AM ET is the most widely rumored launch hour right now.

Get ready for Lion, guys! It’s coming! If you haven’t already prepared for Lion, why not check out our how-to on preparing your Mac for Lion, the right way?

  • imajoebob

    I’d jump up and down and scream like a little girl if I wasn’t so busy yawning.  Or if I’d bought Apple stock when I could afford it back in 2005 (you putz!!)

  • Brandon M

    I’m so ready to meet the king. 

  • Chris Brunner

    Finally! It’ll be a sleepless night tonight!!!

    Lion Awakens

  • Shipeep

    Finally! 0830 ET will be 1430 local time for me so I’ve got plenty of time in the morning to format and have a fresh MacBook waiting…

  • appledrunk

    Awesome, finally some confirmation…

  • Carlos Francisco Suarez Doriga

    At what time will Lion become available?

  • CHB

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px ‘Lucida Grande’}

    Well, Apple has just released an update via Software Update called “Migration Assistant Update for Mac” with this explanation: “This update addresses an issue with the Migration Assistant application in Mac OS X Snow Leopard that prevents transfer of your personal data, settings, and compatible applications from a Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard to a new Mac running Mac OS X Lion.” So Lion coming tomorrow is no surprised.

  • Andrew Westle

    New migration assistant is available through software update

  • Dillon Schultz

    Finally! This will be my first ever OSX installation 

  • Dillon Schultz

    Finally! This will be my first ever OSX installation 

  • Cindon83

    does anyone know if there will be a multiple user option with Lion…I am referring to able to load Lion on more than one computer if you own more than one Mac?

  • Soho22

    Yes! Bring it on. Can’t wait to slam it onto my new SSD.

  • Edward Chamberlain

    8:30 ET
    13:30 GMT

  • Roby145

    You can load Lion onto 10 Macs. Just sign in with the same Apple ID and Password on each mac and go to purchases. 

    Apple even mentioned in it’s WWDC Keynote. :)

    Hope that helps

  • Mike Rathjen

    No Rosetta, no Lion for me. :(

  • Brandon M

    Lucky you, You will never know the pain of old style OS

  • heeloliver

    holy shit, dude STOP. YOU ARE SO ANNOYING! STOP. LEADING. US. TO. YOUR. SITE. NOW EITHER GTFO OR STOP LEAVING COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR SITE! God, haven’t you learned already with the other 5000 users telling you to stop? Just go. Go.

  • unusedcrayon

    Ok, its 1:45am right now, meaning I can imitate the feeling of staying up all night to get a apple product, at home, without having to deal with other people. I’m ok with this :P

  • djrobsd

    No thanks I’ll wait a couple months for people to loose their data, see their machines crash in agony, and pray that Apple has the bugs worked out by then.  I’m usually an early adopter, but not this time.  

  • Mohamed Elshanshoury

    guys i seriously need to know if a backup is necessary… i don’t have an external hard drive and getting one could be very hard !!  so do i 100% need a backup or is it just if something goes wrong ??

  • unusedcrayon

    A backup is not necessary, but I highly recommend it. Something like the guest account bug may be in lion, so be careful.

  • Yaz Khoury

    Thank you, heeloliver, couldn’t have said it better myself. I wonder if COM can block him for spamming the comment section…

  • Mohamed Elshanshoury

    I’m very sorry to bother, but what in gods name is the guest account bug ?!  and if god forbid it happens, can’t i overcome it someway or another, maybe by taking a backup then formatting my disk ? ( i might then go to an apple store or something )..

  • unusedcrayon

    The guest account bug was something in the first version of snow leopard, which when you logged to your guest account, then back into another account, you lost all your files. It was fixed ages ago.

    I highly doubt something like that will be in lion, but you never know. You can’t really avoid things like that, that is one of the reason why backing up is recommend.

  • Janzal Karlo Sonza

    Thank you!!… We don’t need his site anyways… That’s why we’re at CoM! 

  • Mohamed Elshanshoury

    Thank u :)

  • Antony

    Well, OS X 10.8 won’t have Rosetta either, so…

  • Ciccio Willy

    me too XD

  • Ciccio Willy


    You can load Lion on 5 Mac.
    Exactly like all other Mac App Store Application

  • kavok

    Well it’s 08:36 ET and nothing….

    Update: 08:42 ET Apple Store is back up with new Lion graphics for laptops, etc. New MacBook Air and Mac Mini are confirmed. Link to Lion says it’s available but when it tries to run the App Store, nothing shows up.