Fake Steve Jobs Ad Violates Apple’s Promo Policy [Video]


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UPDATE: Youtube has marked the ad “private,” though a few other copies were available when we checked. It no longer appears on the official Pecos channel, either. We’ll let you know if we find out whether they have pulled it for copyright violations or something else.

This ad is a twofer of bad taste: Taiwanese tea makers use a Steve Jobs lookalike as they violate Apple’s policy on third-party promotions.

The 21-second ad stars a fake Steve promoting Pecos tea and the company’s iPad 2 giveaway.

Apple recently started enforcing its guidelines for third-party giveaways — namely forbidding all iPad freebies. The guidelines (.PDF  here) were set out in April 2010, but Apple is only going after companies who have not adopted them correctly now.

In some cases, Apple simply discourages giveaways — you must buy 250 iPods to use them in a contest, for example.

But according to the guidelines, Apple’s hottest products are all strictly verboten when it comes to freebies:
“iPad, iPhone and the iPhone Gift Card may not be used in third-party promotions.”

Blogger Dan Bloom says the drink the Steve doppleganger hawks in a mock keynote  is called Tong Yi Cha,  a “sugary sweet tea concoction sold in the 10,000 plus convenience stores that make an appearance at every street corner in Taiwan.”

We’ve asked Apple for comment and will let you know if they reply.

Via Dan Bloom

  • Dan Bloom

    thanks for credit sourcing, you are one of only 2 or 3 who have done this…everyone else stole it…..SIGH….. haha…LOL… re ”THE ANGRY LUDDITE” dan bloom, 1949-2032….. – Credit/Source: ”Dan Bloom” [google] in Taiwan, sharp and alert
    despite 2009 heart attack and stent now, offloading to AllThingsD via
    Kara Swisher, simuk to TechEye in UK and May Daily

  • Humberto Diaz Porta

    I saw this commercial a week ago here in Taiwan but wasn’t able to record it.

    I havent seen it since but the whole ‘catch’ was that they where given out an iPad2 !

  • Dan Bloom

    this jobs lookalike better? from pic in Australia….

  • Dan Bloom

    the actor in that ad is Brook Hall of Taiwan, been there since 2001, professional theeater producer and actor, has made over 60 TV ads since 2004 in Taiwan, he said he did this with aid of wires, great make up and hair team, etc…….filmed at Hsinchu Science Park auditorium in central Taiwan, 8 hour shoot, but did it in 3 hours because it was a piece of cake…..google his name….Taipei Times did a profile of him in 2009

  • Dan Bloom

    Taiwan’s ‘face of Steve Jobs’ Brook Hall has a story to tell. And it’s much bigger than one 21-second TV ad. Dan Bloom reports from Taiwan

    [hat tips to Torch Pratt and Rookie of CCU] Thanks, mates!
    It was all smoke and mirrors, little wires and a great hair and make-up team in Taiwan, and the
    magic of television editing.

    And no, he’s not Steve Jobs, but a longtime expat in Taiwan named Brook Hall
    sure is a good lookalike for the Apple chief exec. Hall who plays the
    role of “Steve Jobs” in a popular tea drink commerical airing on
    Taiwan TV, he’s almost a dead ringer for the tech icon — and the
    similiarity is so strong that the video has gone viral across the
    globe with over 185,000 hits on one YouTube channel created by

    Although Hall has never been identified before as the lookalike Steve
    Jobs in the recent tea commercial, he now confirms it is indeed him.

  • Dan Bloom

    there is a new fake steve job tv ad in taiwan now January 2012 with a bad actor playing a poor imitation of the DEAD jobs…..rather tasteless….for Action Electronics ACTION PAD….worth a search on Youtbe via actor named Ah-Ken or via MrDanBloom Ytube channel