Tourists shutterbugged as iconic Apple store cube goes under wraps


Photo by @eshk89
Photo by @eshk89

It looks like artist Christo got to the iconic glass cube of Apple’s Fifth Avenue store. Too bad for all those tourists who came to take pictures of one of the Big Apple’s most snapped attractions.

Courtesy Apple.

They’ll be milling around aimlessly outside for some time as the glass cube is removed and replaced.

That’s what happened to Twitter user @esk89 who snapped the above pic, wondering, “Apple what are you guys up to? Where is the cube?”

It’ll be interesting to see whether there will be a possible dent in sales — this Apple store has been outperforming neighbors like Tiffany’s, selling the equivalent of a Mercedes-Benz C300 in iPods, MacBooks and iPhones per square foot.

Between this renovation and the temporary closure of the Soho store, it may be a cruel summer for visitors to New York.

  • Brandon Dillon

    I love the design as it is. I’d be beyond disappointed if I went to New York and didn’t get to see the famous structure. 

  • netnerd258

    with my luck, if I were to travel, this would be the exact time I reach the place.

  • Carlos Yepez

    Glad I got my shot a couple of weeks prior.