RIM Employee: RIM Sucks, Look At Apple



A senior manager at Research In Motion, utterly embarrassed by the travesty that was the BlackBerry Playbook, has published a public plea to the press. Stop selling Flash. Look at how Apple is working its mobile business. And fire those two joined-at-the-hip bozos running the company.

A senior executive at RIM has written and sent a letter over to BGR, imploring the company to turn course before its too late.

Here are some of the most directly relevant quotes to Apple:

We often make product decisions based on strategic alignment, partner requests or even legal advice — the end user doesn’t care. We simply have to admit that Apple is nailing this and it is one of the reasons they have people lining up overnight at stores around the world, and products sold out for months. These people aren’t hypnotized zombies, they simply love beautifully designed products that are user centric and work how they are supposed to work.

I’m going to say what everyone is thinking… We need some heavy hitters at RIM when it comes to software management. Teams still aren’t talking together properly, no one is making or can make critical decisions, all the while everyone is working crazy hours and still far behind. We are demotivated. Just look at who our major competitors are: Apple, Google & Microsoft. These are three of the biggest and most talented software companies on the planet. Then take a look at our software leadership teams in terms of what they have delivered and their past experience prior to RIM… It says everything.

we simply must stop shipping incomplete products that aren’t ready for the end user. It is hurting our brand tremendously. It takes guts to not allow a product to launch that may be 90% ready with a quarter end in sight, but it will pay off in the long term.

Look at Apple in 1997 for tips here. I really want you to watch this video because it has never been more relevant. It is our friend Steve Jobs in 97 and it may as well be you speaking to RIM employees and partners today…

Our SDK / development platform is like a rundown 1990′s Ford Explorer. Then there’s Apple, which has a shiny new BMW M3… just such a pleasure to drive. Developers want and need quality tools.


  • Brandon M

    I think it’s time for RIM to die. 

  • Thomas sutton

    So long RIM I hardly new yee 

  • Thomas sutton

    So long RIM I hardly new yee 

  • NajibBoss

    BB are over…get over it RIM !

  • EmmanuelFonte

    Let’s be gracious… We are ALL faced with the need to change and adapt EVERYDAY! It is easy to learn from “others” failures. Let’s not be the others…

  • Junaidkureshi

    I feel sad about RIM, i remember when i bought my first pearl and then upgraded to 8800 i was so excited but just after couple of weeks i realised that life isnt all about emails, BB lacks so much, in third week i was standing at cell phone shop and trading my 8800 with iphone 3G, the first daywhen i explored the phone and appstore i was blown away and i realised that i was living in stoneage, then i realised that RIM will last till we have those ppl whom life is just email and quick replies thats it and its a very vey small market, so layoff for RIM employess was must and was suppose to be last year. According to my prediction the whole year was bounus for RIM employees, they r so far behind now.

  • Aaron

    When this guy gets fired for speaking out, maybe I could take his place. I could use a RIM job…

  • Wirehedd

    1:03;30 or so where Steve talks about wanting something small he can carry around with a keyboard that’s network attached. Hmmm, wonder what that could have been a precursor to? :)

  • Brandon Dillon

    Best comment I’ve seen this year.

  • marioyohanes

    “Rather than constantly mocking iPhone and Android, we should encourage key decision makers across the board to use these products as their primary device for a week or so at a time”

    Here is the thing in RIM, change your BBM status to “I think iPhone 4 is quite nice”, and I can guarantee you’ll get a big time warning from senior management within 15 minutes! Yes! They are that bad… So now you know why they haven’t evolve anything yet, and after 7 major OS updates, yet still no native email client for PlayBook, and rather than delivering promises, instead they blame current hardware technologies and start making up this whole new “SUPER PHONE”! What a douche!

  • gareth edwards

    BOOM! The full letter is a hammer blow. There’s no pissy posturing, it’s the words of a man/woman who knows their situation is bad, who knows that it can be fixed but doesn’t think anyone is listening – it’s a cry for help. Feel sorry for them, I really do.

    The sad bit is the response from RIM to the open letter, it’s all gas and hyperbole. It’s the response you expect from RIM after reading the open letter. A reason why I/everyone believe the open letter is real. But the response from RIM opens dismissing the open letters authenticity. Typical. They should have just kept their mouths shut.

    I don’t know much about RIM but some things that companies do you always remember. The memorable RIM moment for me was the recent toy throwing of one of their CEOs in an interview. It doesn’t matter what RIM do, I’m gonna always remember that, it made me look at them in a different way and not a good one. I have less respect for the brand because of that. It made them look like a company that’s run by an out of touch bully in denial.

    RIM needs to change but I think the clock, unfortunately, is against them.

    I now think of RIM as a recently deceased character in a Terry Pratchett book; for a short time they don’t know who the man in the black dressing gown is and can’t work out who the body on the floor is – it takes a few moments for it all to sink in, and then…

  • Graham Briggs

    I have this work BB here, and it’s the most unfriendly, unusable phone I’ve EVER had the displeasure to use. Now it’s not one of the shiny modern RIM jobs, but I’m sure it’s indicative of the devices as a whole. Horrible keyboard, I can type about three words a minute on it because of the mushy feel and poor response. The software sucks too, and I find the whole thing frustrating to use.

    Buying QNX is the only sensible decision they’ve made recently. Their entire platform needed a from-fresh overhaul. But the PlayBook is still too raw. And it’s not near the phones yet as far as I can see.

    In my mind: iOS > WP7, Android, WebOS > Symbian > Nokia S60 > Nokia S40 > * > BBOS