Real Racing 2 Will Be First to Support Dual-Screen Gaming Over AirPlay



Firemint wowed us all when it updated Real Racing 2 to support 1080p video output via the iPad’s AV Adapter. It comes as no surprise to us, then, that when iOS 5 goes live later this year, this popular racing sim will be the first title to offer dual-screen gaming over AirPlay on your HDTV.

For those of you who own an iPad 2 and the AV Adapter and you have any interest in iOS gaming, I urge you to buy this game and hook it up to your HDTV. The experience is mesmerising, and you’ll wonder how you can achieve such spectacular high-definition gameplay from your tablet.

The experience promises to be even better, however, when iOS 5 goes live this Fall. Rather than being tethered to your TV with by a HDMI lead, you’ll be able to play wirelessly over AirPlay through your Apple TV:

Firemint’s Real Racing 2 HD with AirPlay is a game-changer

Relish Real Racing 2 HD’s superb visuals as they’re streamed effortlessly to your big screen TV. Grip your iPad 2 and steer with unerring precision and the freedom of wireless play. Stay closer than ever to the track with real-time racing telemetry, displayed directly on your iPad’s screen.

For me, this is almost as rousing as the release of iOS 5 itself.

Could such a simple feature mean the iPad will one day rival dedicated games consoles?

  • Pauldloewen

    It took me two days to realize that, in adding AirPlay mirroring, apple had just created a gaming console. It’s both portable and powerful. I believe they already allow bluetooth controllers – well, were just one or two generations of iPad away from graphics intense games on the iPad then. And the beauty of it is that they won’t even have to promote it that way – it’ll just happen.

  • Kevin Olson

    If you would like to give this a try I signed up for a dev account and have a few UDID registration spots still open if anyone is interested. $8 iosdevaccess at gmail dot com

  • Reinier Ladan

    So Apple killed something else last monday. It killed the Wii U before it was even announced.

  • CharliK

    This is not a shock since it is a just a little API tweak from the wired dual screen they are already doing. 

    Now let me link up a couple of ipads to the same game (wirelessly up on my tv) and race my buddy, that would be some thing amazing and new.