How To Jailbreak Your iPad [How To]

Spirit iPad Jailbreak

Yes, the iPad is good. But you haven’t seen the full potential of the iPad hardware until you jailbreak it.

Jailbreaking may seem like something your shady neighbor or geeky cousin does, but you can do it too!

I’ll walk you through the easy process of jailbreaking your iPad to unleash its full potential.

Let’s start with the basics.

I used an Intel-based 24’ iMac running Mac OS X 10.6.3 to jailbreak my WIFI+3G iPad. You need to have at least Mac OS X 10.5 to use an iPad so if you have at least 10.5 running you should be all set (Windows Users: You’re on your own!).

3G iPad OWNERS: Don’t worry. This procedure will not cause your 3G service to suffer or disable any functionality on your iPad.

Let’s get started!

1- Backup your iPad in iTunes first. Should anything go wrong or if you hate the jailbreak, you’ll at least have something to go back to.

2- Download the Spirit Jailbreak from . Here’s the direct link for Mac Users.

3- Open the Spirit application file. You should see the following
4- Connect your iPad (if it isn’t already connected). I recommend you close iTunes if still open. Once your iPad is connected, you should see the following:

Spirit iPad Jailbreak

5- Press the Jailbreak button. It will only take a couple of minutes (if that) to jailbreak your iPad. You will receive a “complete” prompt from Spirit and then your iPad will start processing the jailbreak. Please let your iPad fully reset before disconnecting.

6- Once your iPad resets, Verify your iPad is jailbroken by looking for the Cydia application. The icon will look like this:

How To Jailbreak Your iPad [How To]

7- You are now officially the owner of a jailbroken iPad. Open the Cydia app (shown below) and start “pimping” your iPad! (I highly recommend downloading the Rock app store application first! Search for ROCK). Enjoy!

How To Jailbreak Your iPad [How To]

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  • Alltheboysrsafe

    i have the ipad 4.2.1 sofware on it and it says its not supported?

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    it isn’t safe to jailbreak the ipad I think

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    why is my ipad not supported??

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    My ipad turned off because of battery loss but won’t turn back on, my brother told me this would happen and that it was easy to fix but failed to tell me how

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    the iPad is good

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     my ipad not supported too?

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    i have the ipad 4.2.1 sofware

  • ralphgegei

    my brother told me this would happen and that it was easy to fix but failed to tell me how

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