See how Mac magically decluttered our desks over past 30 years

Before and after photos show the Mac's radical reinvention of our desktops. Image courtesy BestReviews

Before and after photos show the Mac’s radical reinvention of our desktops. Image courtesy BestReviews

Remember your desk from the ’80s? If you were even alive back then it probably featured an old Macintosh surrounded by a disgusting mess of books, letters, a telephone, a fax machine and probably even a Rolodex. But thanks to the rapid pace of technology, you’d be hard-pressed to find any of those items on the modern college student’s desk.

To show just how quickly our work areas have evolved in the last three decades, the Harvard Innovation Lab recreated the desktop from 30 years ago, then documented how the Mac decluttered it as technology evolved. What was once a confusing pile of single-use items has been pared down to just a clean, simple surface with a laptop, sunglasses and smartphone. Watch the full time-lapse “Evolution of the Desk” video to see how the decluttering went down.

My desk doesn’t look anywhere near as clean as Harvard’s desk in 2014, but at least I don’t have to keep a big-ass globe on it just to find the location of Rwanda. How has your desk changed over the years?

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