BioShock for iOS hits the App Store tonight for $15


Are you itching to play the original BioShock on your iPhone or iPad? Then get ready, because it’s coming to the App Store tonight.

The iOS port of the 2007 classic will clock in right near Apple’s 2GB app size limit, and that’s with the graphics being scaled down slightly.

2K China, the same studio that ported XCom: Enemy Unknown to iOS, is behind the release. According to Polygon, players shouldn’t notice much of a different in the gameplay, although certain elements like fog and dynamic shadows have been removed. After playing the game earlier this month, Polygon recommended avoiding the touchscreen controls if at all possible.

The good news is that there’s a wellspring of great Bluetooth game controllers for iOS, and most of them are pretty affordable. A game that originally debuted for PC and console gaming isn’t designed for a touchscreen to begin with, so the caution from Polygon makes sense.

Although BioShock is already available in the New Zealand App Store and a few other places, it won’t hit most countries until around 11:00 PM Eastern tonight. The price will be $14.99, which is just $5 cheaper than what it sells for on Steam right now.

iOS has certainly pushed the boundaries of what constitutes mobile gaming, and the level of quality between console and mobile-first titles is starting to blur. But as even this release demonstrates, we’re still a long way to go before smartphones and tablets are powerful enough to handle big titles in all their Bid Daddy glory.

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