Credit card-size iPhone charger packs backup battery

Credit card-size iPhone charger packs backup battery

Remember when the coolest brag for a gadget was that it was “credit card size”? Those times are back. The Revi Charger is a credit card-size iPhone charger with a built-in backup battery, and could really be just the thing in an emergency.

The Revi comes in two sizes. The 2.4mm 550mAh model is the slimmest, but will only provide a third of a charge to an iPhone, or thereabouts. The 1440mAh version is 7mm thick, which is still totally pocketable, and gives closer to a full charge.

Both models come with either Lightning or Micro-USB, which is attached by a clever, flexible, snaking cable on the top edge.

Prices? $25 or $30, depending on capacity and size.

  • dm10003

    Liked the idea until I watched the icky video

  • charlie

    Is the Revicharger, able to be charger by plugging into electrical outlet?

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