Apple Opens OS X Beta Seed Program To Include Everyone


If pangs of jealousy hit you every time developers start waxing poetic about new OS X goodies found in a new beta update, your time has finally come to join in on the fun.

Starting this afternoon Apple has opened up its OS X Mavericks beta testing program to let everyone – not just those slick coding developers – download the latest OS X beta seeds.

To join the program all you have to do is visit visit the OS X Beta Seed Program page, accept the confidentiality agreement, and you will get a Beta Access Utility for your Mac that will give you access to all the pre-release versions of OS X via the Mac App Store Updates panel.

“The OS X Beta Seed Program gives users the opportunity to run pre-release software. Test-drive beta software and provide quality and usability feedback that will help make OS X even better.”

Apple says you’re still not allowed to “blog, post screenshots, tweet or publicly post information about the pre-release Apple software,” but at least you’ll get to play with the latest beta features and all the bugs that come with them for free.


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