David Fincher Backs Out Of Directing Steve Jobs Movie For Sony


David Fincher, who was previously rumored to direct Sony’s movie about Steve Jobs, is now out of the picture. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fincher and Sony have parted ways due to disagreements over “compensation and control.”

And if Fincher is out, that means his top pick to play Jobs, Christian Bale, will probably not be involved with the project either.

Sony’s movie is based on Walter Isaacson’s official biography of Jobs and scripted by Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin. It was reported that Fincher was interested in the project a couple of months ago. He really wanted Christian Bale to play the role of Jobs, but Bale has never been officially tied to the project in any way.

The Oscar-nominated director reportedly wanted $10 million in fees up front and control over marketing. Sony wasn’t down to play hardball. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Fincher may resume talks with Sony again at some point, but the chances seem slim.

A source with ties to the studio says Fincher potentially could re-enter negotiations but that the fee he is seeking is “ridiculous,” adding, “You’re not doing Transformers here. You’re not doing Captain America. This is quality — it’s not screaming commerciality. He should be rewarded in success but not up front.”

Without a director and cast, it will probably be quite awhile before we see Sony’s biopic on the silver screen.


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