Here’s What iOS 7 And iOS 7.1 Adoption Looked Like After 4.5 Days [Report]


Mobile publishing and monetization platform Onswipe have created an infographic comparing iOS 7 adoption with that of the recently launched iOS 7.1.

Both iOS versions are tracked for the first 4.5 days of their respective releases. As the chart makes clear, while iOS 7 represented 45.90% of iOS traffic after that time, the incremental improvement iOS 7.1 showed a respectable 28.27% adoption rate for active devices.

While iOS 7’s radical redesign saw it achieve faster adoption, iOS 7.1 is still holding its own.

“iOS 7.1 and 7.0 had a similar growth curve on the first few hours,” says Onswipe analyst Jason Baptiste, who pulled the figures for Cult of Mac. “iOS 7.1 did give 7.0 a good run for its money in terms of adoption.”

“We’ve seen a 2.36x boost in iOS 7.1 adoption over the past 48 hours to over 28%,” Baptiste continues. “I think there’s two main drivers here — Apple has set up an effective system, and they’ve also frustrated a lot of users over the past 6 months with iOS 7. Many people feel this software is like giving them a ‘brand new phone,’ hence the desire for many to upgrade.”

Onswipe’s figures are based on analyzing iOS traffic data from approximately 3 million devices around the globe.

For those who are interested, a more detailed report is embedded below:

Here’s What iOS 7 And iOS 7.1 Adoption Looked Like After 4.5 Days [Report]

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    I’m quite impressed with the minute changes in 7.1. I hope this is the new norm for Apple — small but noticeable updates to every incremental.

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