The Creator Of The Red Camera Redesigns The Mac Pro, And It Looks Awesome


Personally, I love the look of the new stealth engine Mac Pro, but some people find it to look, well, a little too much like a trash can (which may not be a coincidence).

Jarred Land, one of the key figures of the Red Digital Camera Company, obviously agreed. He built himself a machined aluminum chassis to keep his Mac Pro in, plus an integrated Redmag Mini card reader with 8TB internal Thunderbolt RAID, and a monster fan to keep things cool.

It looks pretty awesome, but sadly, it’s a one-off: Land says he did it just for fun.

  • Robert Ballard


  • aardman

    Are those screws lined up next to the chamfered edges? I get a Victorian steam punk vibe on this with some cold war era Soviet tremors thrown in. It’s different, that’s for sure.

  • Porkchop77

    This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Someone please make this case for sale.

  • K Jasmer Nelson

    It’s like turning a Porsche into a circa 1980’s monster truck.

  • yeld

    Really ugly.

  • Captain Chien Nowland

    Nobody thinks it looks like the ghost trap from ghost busters?!

    • Chris Thake

      Yes it really does xD
      I knew I recognised the layout :)

  • Samer Bahgat

    This guy really turned the ugly Mac Pro into a much more uglier Mac pro!

  • Mike Ross

    Jarred has too much imagination and too much CNC time :)

  • Dwayne

    I prefer the look of the normal Mac Pro. I wonder how loud is that fan.

  • John Smith

    Looks like a smoke machine

  • El Sabor Asiático

    It looks like someone attacked a Star Trek vessel with a Bedazzler.

  • Gary Hanna

    This is what the Mac Pro would look like if was designed by Microsoft.

  • chas_m

    Well, we’ve determined that there are employees at RED with no taste whatsoever, at least …

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