Apple Should Give Away This Beautifully Designed Lapdesk With Every MacBook


How would you like that to be yours? No, not the MacBook. Or the iPhone. Or the sofa. Or… Okay, we’re talking about that chopping board-looking object with the holes drilled in it.

Cult of Mac first reported on the Slate Mobile AirDesk back when it was just a Kickstarter gleam in the eye of creator Nathan Mummert. Since then, the project has been fully-funded (five times over, to boot) and gone into production.

Its full asking price is $129.99, but its currently selling for $98 online, with a shipping date of January. A second production run is also underway. Users can choose between white, gray, and black mousepads, and also left or right handed model types.

Despite its cost, there’s clearly a demand for this, and it does look an appropriately attractive fit for Apple’s streamlined products. If Jony Ive were to make a bamboo slab with holes for airflow it would probably look a whole lot like this.

Whatever that means.

  • lambaline

    that laptop is a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, not a MacBook Air

  • Luke Dormehl

    You’re quite right. Thanks. Clearly time for another eye test.

  • patrickahles

    I can’t understand this. A board with holes in it for $130 ? And people are buying them? Are they nuts?

  • rotero

    This seems more like an advertisement than an article.

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