Innocent Man Thrown In Jail For Clay iPad Stunt


What’s worse than buying a brand new iPad, getting home and opening the box — only to find out that what you’ve bought isn’t an iPad at all, but rather a lump of clay?

Well, trying to return said lump of clay, only to find yourself arrested under suspicion of pulling the prank yourself.

That’s exactly what happened to 47-year-old UK resident Colin Marsh, who recently bought an iPad from his local Tesco supermarket as a present for his ten-year-old daughter, just to wind up being thrown into a jail cell for three hours. “I took [the iPad] back to Tesco, but they said they couldn’t give me a refund and would need to carry out an investigation,’ he said.  ‘Two days later, I got a call at about 8pm from the police asking if I could come down to the station to answer some questions. I just thought they wanted to know what had happened, but the next thing I know I’m being bundled into a cell.”

While Marsh was freed from jail, he remained on bail for nearly two months until police discovered that the iOS device was activated under a different name in Wales.

“I’ve run my own successful businesses for 22 years, and I own my own house. Why would I want to scam Tesco out of a £470 iPad?” the innocent man has said.

Tesco has apologized for the problems caused, and noted that it is “disappointed” to find its products have been tampered with.

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