At Least A Few People Lined Up For T-Mobile’s iPhone Launch Today

Quite an unfamiliar site captured by @piecykw on Twitter.

Quite an unfamiliar site captured by @piecykw on Twitter.

What can you hope for when you’re the last major U.S. carrier to get the iPhone? That at least a few people get in line to buy one on launch day.

Considering that the iPhone 5 has been out since last fall, you wouldn’t expect many lines to be forming outside of T-Mobile stores today. But surprisingly enough, people are showing up. “Uncarrier” FTW!!!

T-Mobile officially started selling the iPhone 5 in its stores around the country today, and potential customers are being drawn in with an attractive trade-in program. Off-contract iPhone 4 or 4S owners can bring their devices in and swap them out for a free iPhone 5 on T-Mobile’s network. It also helps that the carrier is selling the iPhone 5 at $99 with no-interest, monthly payments of $20 for 24 months.

GeekWire snapped a picture of another launch day line:

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 3.00.20 PM

  • gettysburg11s

    Pretty cool. If I was not on contract at AT&T for my iPhone 5, I’d switch to T-Mobile.

  • ConstableOdo

    This will be turned into negative news. “Almost no one lines up for iPhone 5 which shows iPhones are no longer in great demand.” Watch Apple’s share price tank further as potential investors back away in droves assuming no consumers want smartphones with “tiny” four-inch displays.

  • aardman

    I would line up if the next iPhone wasn’t so near around the corner. Or at least rumored to be so.

  • technochick

    Between the trade in and the $70 cost difference of course folks were at the carrier stores.

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