After Google Buyout, Sparrow Mail App Gets Updated With iPhone 5 And Passbook Support

After Google Buyout, Sparrow Mail App Gets Updated With iPhone 5 And Passbook Support

Popular third-party mail client Sparrow was recently bought by Google, but that hasn’t stopped the app’s developers from pushing out updates for their existing user base. Today Sparrow for iPhone received a long-awaited update that brings support for the iPhone 5’s taller display and iOS 6’s Passbook.

This very update was rejected by Apple earlier this month because of a mixup with Rich Text support in iOS 5. Sparrow has obviously ironed out the kinks with Apple, as users can download the update now in the App Store.

The iPhone 5 support explains itself, but the Passbook support may be confusing for some. Many don’t realize that Passbook passes can be sent and opened on the web or via an email. For instance, you could get your concert tickets emailed to you in the form of a Passbook attachment. After this update, Sparrow will be able to link Passbook with a pass just like Apple’s own Mail app.

The folks at Sparrow had said that they wouldn’t be adding new features to their app after the Google acquisition was announced. Integrating with Apple’s existing services is more like maintenance.

Sparrow costs $2.99 in the iOS App Store. The Mac version will set you back $10.

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