Build Your Knowledge And Business With The Online Entrepreneur eBook Bundle [Deals]

Build Your Knowledge And Business With The Online Entrepreneur eBook Bundle [Deals]

There are a lot of budding entrepreneurs that are taking their ideas online – but many of them do not have the tools or skills to make a real go of it. Simply surfing the web looking for tips and tricks isn’t enoguh these days, you need to have more at your disposal than that. And Cult of Mac Deals has put together a deal that will really help out anyone who is looking to build their knowledge – and a business – online.

The Online Entrepreneur eBook Bundle contains three eBooks that will help turn your website into a marketing dynamo. And you’ll get them for just $20!

Here are the titles you’ll get as part of this bundle:

  • The Social Media Survival Guide: This book by Deltina Hay offers a quick, practical, and hands-on introduction to the nuts and bolts of social media. You’ll learn how to grow your brand, improve sales, and increase profits, all while creating and using a variety of affordable web tools along the way.
  • The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web: In this follow-up to The Social Media Survival Guide, Hay explains how to create the mobile presence you’ll need to make your business prosper. Within the pages, you’ll find strategies to better utilize the mobile web for branding and profits, and be exposed to case studies of successful mobile web transitions for entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
  • How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit: Bob Bly teaches you how to write for success in this eBook. He illustrates different writing approaches for a variety of platforms, shows you how to research and write effective nad practical content and embark upon a career as a successful how-to writer and “information packager”.

You don’t want to jump into the wild world of online entrepreneurship without having the proper resources available to you anytime, anywhere. This Cult of Mac Deals gives you those resources, arming you with what you’ll need to make progress with your online business.

For only $20 you can get started on a career that will make that small investment more than worthwhile. So act now and grab this deal while it lasts!

Build Your Knowledge And Business With The Online Entrepreneur eBook Bundle [Deals]

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