Zagg Already Offering Not One, But Two iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Cases

Zagg Already Offering Not One, But Two iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Cases

The Zaggkeys Mini 7, one of two new keyboard cases from Zagg for the iPad Mini.

That’s pretty darn fast: Keyboard-maker Zagg has unveiled two new keyboard cases for the iPad Mini, just a day after Apple pulled the sheet off its new pint-sized iPad. There’s the Zaggkeys Mini 7, a pared-down seven-inch model that spans the width of the Mini, and the Zaggkeys Mini 9, a 9-inch version with a slightly more comprehensive suite of keys.

We’ve been big fans of  Zagg’s Bluetooth keyboards in the past, so hopefully they’ve stuck with the formula here. The 9-inch version seems like it adds more plastic than a Tupperware party to the Mini’s svelte dimensions, and for not much gain — both versions include dedicated volume control, play, pause, screen lock, home, search, slideshow, copy and paste keys.

The models are both priced at $90 and will be available November 2.

Zaggkeys Mini 9

  • MattBlackWriter

    I guess case makers are getting better at putting their cases out there earlier. There weren’t any iPhone 5 cases out the day after it was announced. Today there’s already iPad Mini cases from Belkin, Case Logic, Ionic, etc.
    I guess all those product leaks are a good thing for case makers!

  • mr_bee

    Those contemplating a keyboard case for the iPad mini are deluded IMO. The biggest keyboard it would fit would be *less* than two thirds the *minimum* size of a regular keyboard. It won’t be slightly smaller like the iPad cases, but unusably, ridiculously smaller.

    You won’t be able to touch type on it, so what’s the point?

  • Stephen Sohn

    It kinda looks like a small version of the MS Surface. I know God Forbid.

  • hbs929

    I have never been a fan of using a physical keyboard on an iPad. I Pre-Ordered the iPad Mini and I got a solid rugged case from . Thats all I need for my iPad Mini

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