Apple Begins Promoting iOS 6 Maps Alternatives In The App Store



Not only has Apple apologized for the embarassing state of iOS 6 Maps today, and not only has Tim Cook personally advised users to try competing app products like Bing, Mapquest and Google Maps as they get iOS 6 Maps’ shit together, but Apple is now promoting Maps alternatives at the very top of the iOS App Store listings. This is an unprecedented admission of fault by Apple. It’s mea culpas all the way down.

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  • qvin

    this is just wrong and sad for apple, this wouldnt have happened with Steve around…….

  • qvin

    this is just wrong and sad for apple, this wouldnt have happened with Steve around…….

  • Whodakat

    I don’t even think Maps is that bad. But this is why Apple has so many “iSheep”. In case you haven’t noticed, there are not too many companies out there that take this kind of attitude.

  • mymindtrends

    For the life of me I can’t understand why people hate the iOS 6 maps app so much. What was so much better about the google version….Nothing…. At least I get turn by turn navigation for free and not by some paid app. Here’s how I look at it, I look for an address or business, does it find it? YES. Does it navigate me to it? YES. What more do you want??? I know that some people used the public transportation portion of the google maps (personally I never have) but I say give the new app some time and I’m sure it will be just as good in that department. From what I understand is the reason Apple decided to make a maps app was because Google would enable turn by turn navigation, yet I hear no one calling out Google for that.

  • technochick

    I’m not shocked by this move. Some folks were too stupid to have reasonable expectations so they might be too stupid to find other apps to use. So Tim stuck the info right in their faces.

    Oh and you and Buster need to chill on the hyperbolic interpretations of what Tim said.

  • technochick

    this is just wrong and sad for apple, this wouldnt have happened with Steve around…….

    MobileMe, Final Cut X and Siri were all on Steve’s watch. And yes he has apologized publicly for such things.

    Hell he even had a veiled ‘if you still aren’t happy get out’ during the iPhone 4 Antennagate when he said Apple would take back any iPhone. Even if it was past the return period

  • daveoid

    mymindtrends obviously works for apple, try looking at my road now it has a massive cloud over it, oh what about all the effort google put in by sending vans around filming every street so you get a persons view, what about how far you can zoom in much closer or zoom out and still see the fields, rails, cities clearly from much higher (it either goes black or turns into fuzzy coloured blobs). I made my way across London by bike 6 times (a different route each time) over a weekend with googlemaps using all its features without needing turn by turn. ITS A MAP NOT A SAT NAV. iOS 6 is poor and apple should be ashamed of releasing it before it works properly. I will not by another apple device again what a shame R.I.P Steve Jobs.