The Funniest Video You’ll See About The iPhone 5’s Height Increase [Humor]

The Funniest Video You’ll See About The iPhone 5’s Height Increase [Humor]

I usually hate these fake Apple parody ads for being both smug and witless, but I laughed pretty hard at this one by Satire. Featuring a number of earnestly hipstered faux-Apple employees with names like “Joe Bloggs” and “Alan Smithee,” the video takes the Obi-Wan iPhone 20 joke that’s been going around and actually runs with it, showing exactly how Cupertino would pitch a phone the length of a yardstick.

The touted features Satire comes up with are great. Panorama photos without moving the iPhone! Scrolling without using mulitouch! Amazing reception due to having your iPhone in physical closer proximity to orbiting satellites! And so much more. The app ideas are great too. And I love the tag line: “The longest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.”

  • Nick Willard

    Did anyone else notice Bobak Ferdowski in this video at 0:40? He’s the “mohawk guy” from the NASA Mars rover landing.

  • Sean_Mapstone

    Haha! Omg, the guy at the end walking down the road. Awesome

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