Check Out This Rapidly Growing Real Time List Of iPhone 5 Compatible iOS Apps


Now with more pixels!
Now with more pixels!

So you want to know what apps will best take advantage of your new iPhone 5 when you get it in your hot little hands this coming Friday? One way is to start searching AppShopper using a search string that includes “iPhone 5.” This will net you a real-time list of all the apps currently in the app store that have the text string in their “What’s New” update description in the App Store.

There’s a small but growing list of apps that support iPhone 5’s newest screen size and ratio, including apps and games like Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the iGrill app, Enigmo 2, and OmniFocus for iPhone. There were 90 apps in the list as of this writing, with a ton more to come over the next few days, to be sure.

MacRumors, sister site of AppShopper, provides this actual search string to get the latest list, and it seems like it would be easy to hack it a bit to create a list of apps with iOS 6 in their update description as well.

Are you getting a new iPhone 5 soon? Will your favorite apps and games be ready for the new hotness display? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: AppShopper
Via: MacRumors


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