IM+ For iOS Gets ‘Off-The-Record’ Messaging Add-On For Secret, Encrypted Conversations


Off-the-Record keeps your message sessions private.
Off-the-Record keeps your message sessions private.

IM+ and IM+ Pro, two hugely popular messaging apps from Shape Services, have been updated today to introduce a new feature dubbed “Off-the-Record” messaging. It’s a $4.99 in-app purchase that allows users to have secret, encrypted conversations with other IM+ users.

Shape explains how the feature works:

Imagine two people are talking, let’s say, in GTalk. Both of them are using an app that supports OTR. For example, one of them is using Adium, and the other IM+. Once they have decided that their conversation is private and that it makes sence to turn on OTR, they simply approve that they know each another using one authentication mechanism (eg: exchange of confidential questions) and turn on OTR. Now their messages are available only within this OTR session.

The feature would be ideal for business handsets that regularly exchange confidential information, or just for regular users who are paranoid their conversations and “sext” sessions will make their way into the wrong hands.

Source: App Store

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