Forecast Presents Handy Weather Info On Your iPhone’s Lock Screen [Jailbreak]

Forecast Presents Handy Weather Info On Your iPhone’s Lock Screen [Jailbreak]

It has never been easier to check the weather on your iPhone.

A jailbreak tweak called Forecast presents a handy weather widget on your iPhone’s lock screen for displaying current weather and the weekly forecast. Powered by Apple’s own Weather app, Forecast replaces the standard time and date at the top of your iPhone’s lock screen. Weather info is displayed on the right while the time is still displayed on the top left of the lock screen, giving you the best of both worlds.

Forecast is a well done, stable tweak that’s available now in Cydia for $1.

The tweak is relatively simple, as there are no real settings to configure. To use it properly, make sure you go into the Weather app and turn off “Local Weather.” Then drag the location you wish to have displayed on your lock screen to the top of the Weather app’s list. Your lock screen will be immediately updated with the correct weather info for that city/region.

Swiping from right to left on the top of the lock screen will show you the weekly forecast. Simply swipe back to see the time and weather combination again.

I like the way that Forecast integrates into the top of the iOS lock screen, but I wish the weather condition picture wasn’t displayed so prominently in the center. I think it would be more helpful to make the time text larger. A visual reference is nice for quickly checking to see what it’s like outside, but the pictures of sunshine and clouds become a little superfluous after awhile.

With the ability to refresh weather info right on the lock screen and a quick way to check the weekly forecast, this tweak is very useful. If you’d like an easier way to check the weather on your jailbroken iPhone, Forecast is great.

  • BenTenAtl

    Is it just me or doesn’t this look just like the “LockInfo” Lockscreen set up? #ImJustAskin

  • Swordfish

    Is it just me or doesn’t this look just like the “LockInfo” Lockscreen set up? #ImJustAskin

    It looks a lot like it. Except with lock weather you can see forecast below current weather and this doesn’t look like you can

  • Nick Whyte

    My own lock screen widget for Weather. Sexier than this. Soon to be released to the public.(maybe for free) 

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