How To Check For App Store Updates In Notification Center [Jailbreak]


Never miss an update to your favorite app again.
Never miss an update to your favorite app again.

Have you ever wished that Apple would let you see App Store updates in the iOS Notification Center? Instead of having to open the App Store app to check for updates, you would be able to see new updates next to your other iOS notifications as they become available.

Thanks to a new tweak called AppUpdateNotifer, you can see App Store updates in the Notification Center drop down window on a jailbroken iOS device.

AppUpdateNotifer is pretty easy to use. Simple search for and install it in Cydia for $1.50. Add it to Notification Center in your Settings app and you’ll be on your way. In case you didn’t know, widgets can be added to Notification Center by scrolling down to the bottom of the Notifications section of Settings. Add AppUpdateNotifer from there and the new interface will be displayed alongside your weather and stock widgets.

The tweak checks for updates at specific time intervals, but you can force it to check by tapping Check Now in Notification Center. Once AppUpdateNotifer is switched on in Settings, you can set for it to check the App Store once every hour, day, week or month. There’s also a blacklist that you can customize to keep certain app updates out of Notification Center.

I like AppUpdateNotifer, but I wish it let you go to a specific update in the App Store by sliding on an update. Instead, you’ll just be taken to the Updates section of the App Store app. Hopefully the developer can make the experience more specific in a future update. You should also be wary of the effect this tweak may have on your device’s battery life. Remember that you’ll have another processes calling out to the App Store every hour or so. Any tweak or app that uses the internet repeatedly throughout the day will impact your battery life longevity.

For $1.50, AppUpdateNotifer may not be worth it to many people. But if you’re a jailbreaker that’s been dying for this feature in Notification Center, you won’t be disappointed.

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