Readdle Updates Remarks & PDF Expert To Add Retina Artwork, New Features


Remarks will be one of Readdle's first apps to get Retina artwork.
Remarks, along with PDF Expert, will be one of Readdle's first apps to get high-resolution artwork.

We’re huge fans of Readdle’s productivity apps here at Cult of Mac, and we’re delighted that they’re getting ready for the new iPad’s Retina display. Remarks and PDF Expert will be Readdle’s first two apps to get high-resolution artwork in their latest updates, in addition to a number of new features.

Remarks version 1.1, which is already available in the App Store, finally introduces could storage support for Dropbox, Google Docs, and WebDAV. Readdle has also improved the app’s handwriting and wrist-protection features, and made improvements to its stability and user interface. The update is, of course, free if you already own Remarks. And if you don’t, it’s $4.99.


PDF Expert version 4.0 has now been submitted to Apple, and is expected to gain approval sometime next week, according to Readdle. Like Remarks, it features high-resolution for the new iPad, as well as the ability to embed audio and video into PDFs. It also features iCloud support, a new thumbnails view, support for audio notes, and support for attachments.


Furthermore, ReaddleDocs version 3 for iPhone is also set to hit the App Store, featuring a new user interface and new features.

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  • Dilbert A

    PDF Expert interest me, but I wondering if it’s worth the purchase. 

    Can’t the same thing be accomplished with the iPad’s built in PDF support (Mail, iBooks) plus iCloud, Dropbox, etc.?

    Great that they’re updating the app with Retina assets.